Height of mountains before and after the flood .

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  • pistolpete

    I don't know where they got the 20 billion from.

    From their ASS!

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    JWs often like to use flood stories of other cultures like the Hindu Vedas or The Babylonica/Gilgamensh or Plato's Atlantis etc.

    But the is a problem. Anyone with a grade school education knows that the Earth is still receeding from the last ice age. In the time of 15000- 8000 years ago there WAS alot of flooding due to receeding ice. Many coastal sttelments are now lost underwater. But yes the legends lived on. This does not prove Noah's flood though

  • DesirousOfChange

    And it was explained away by saying that the mountains before the flood were a lot smaller / lower than the mountains that exist today.

    Are you saying this is the origin of the expression: "Making mountains out of mole hills?"

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    If water covered the entire globe, wouldn't there be equal pressure everywhere? If there was, this wouldn't allow any one part of the earth to get pushed up to insane heights.

    I remember thinking how ludicrous this sounded as a teenager when we studied this at the meetings.

  • mikeflood

    Yeah....imagine feeding all the animals of the world for the 40 days of the deluge and 150 days until the water receded....including those carnivore animals that have an ' special diet '......of meat.

    It says that eveything went into the Ark...so we could assume that the insects where there too....just about 900 thousand different species.

    And after that, everything went all right...imagine two poor kangoros swimming to Australia...or two alpacas traveling to South America.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Here is all the water on the globe, compared to the land.

    Water COVERS 70% of the earth, and that's about its maximum, even if you turned every mountain upside down and dumped it in the Mariana's trench, and did the same to all the mountains the sea level would rise basically to cover most flatlands.

    In comparison, an average mountain (eg. Mount Fuji) is ~24 cubic miles, there are about 1M mountains. 24M cubic miles. There are 332.5 cubic miles of water. So about 10% of the total volume of water, and that is ALL the water, in the earth, on the earth, over the earth. So if you brought it ALL up and made the atmosphere void of water, you may be able to cover most of the land, barely, so most people would get their feet wet.

    To kind of demonstrate how small the mountains really are, if Earth were shrunk to bowling-ball width, the earth as is currently would feel like P1000 - Super fine - sandpaper!

  • waton


    was pressed down by the weight of the mountains of debris of noah's time?

  • redvip2000

    What a great problem solver Jellohoba is.

    Imagine that. Having to kill a few thousands humans, and deciding that the best way to do this, is to destroy 99.99% of all animals and plants in the world, by drowning the planet in water for months on end

    Meanwhile Jellohoba has gzillions of angels sitting around scratching their nuts, while just one or two of them could kill those pesky humans and save the lives of all living things on earth.

    Great job Jellohoba, you're so smart!

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Science is great if you can get it replicated in a lab and employ independent 3rd party verification.

    Theoretical science [itself a somewhat contradiction of terms] is all too often a bait and switch though. What does the average person do when science turns its skills upon itself and determines that most published research is false?

    Consider a few undisputed facts:

    Current Surface of Mars

    r/nasa - The view on Mars right now


    Today, Mars has no standing water and no evidence of active volcanoes.

    Yet we see hints of a shoreline and features that look like the banks of a river. Landers have photographed some pebbly rocks that look like those in riverbeds on earth.

    Most Scientists’ Conclusions About its Past:

    An ocean once covered a large part of Mars


    Today, Venus has no evidence of active volcanoes or moving tectonic plates.

    Yet scientists were surprised when probes discovered a relatively smooth surface, with few large, worn-down craters. Over billions of years, Venus should have lots of craters like other rocky planets.

    Most Scientists’ Conclusions About its Past:

    Lava once catastrophically covered the entire planet of Venus


    Today, earth has thousands of active volcanoes and clear evidence of moving tectonic plates. Vast oceans cover 71% of its surface.

    The entire earth also exhibits much evidence of even greater catastrophe in the past, including piles of ocean sediments on top of mountains, miles thick. We also find thick ocean-laid deposits that stretch across multiple continents.

    Most Scientists’ Conclusions About its Past:

    The earth NEVER suffered a global flood or rapid tectonic change.

    Current view of earth from space:

    My Conclusion?

    Scientists who hold a Naturalistic worldview would have NO PROBLEM with the earth being covered entirely with water at one time if the bible and other early sources made no mention of it.

  • Simon

    It's from the same book of believable tall tales that one guy could kill tens or hundreds of thousands of people using a donkey jaw bone, and then when they catch him and learn the secret of his super-power (his hair) they don't kill him, or even assign a barber to cut his hair every day, they let him "regrow" his power and go on another rampage.

    They are not believable stories. The flood is not even the worse of them.

    But keep reading, there are also talking animals like in Narnia.

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