The Jehovah's Witnesses religion is a pretentious fraud.

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  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi LV101 - bits of info I have pick up over the years.

    1884 John Henry Patterson bought out his fellow investors in the National Manufacturing Company and formed the National Cash Register Company, the predecessor of NCR Corporation. Located in Dayton, Ohio, this company made cash registers.

    5/5/1889 Joseph Rutherford was under tutelage of Judge E L Edwards. By now he was official court reporter and on this date licensed to practice law in Missouri.

    In this same year he accepts books from Bible Students.

    1895 Court of Appeals of Missouri – a civil lawsuit - case, F.P.COOK v. PETER HECHT - Joseph Rutherford sought civil damages for "property damage", against Peter Hecht. He lost the case.

    1896 Joseph Rutherford came within 100 votes of becoming the Democratic candidate for state legislature representing Cooper County, Missouri.

    William Jennings Bryan first stood as Presidential candidate. Joseph Rutherford accompanied him because he believed that zealous Presbyterian was "appointed by God to straighten out the problems of the world."

    Joseph Rutherford represented the National Cash Register Company against David Nicholson of Boonville.

    1906 Joseph Rutherford was baptised by Macmillan and Watchtower HQ moved from Allegheny to Brooklyn.

  • LV101

    Hi Anna-M - Good info, thanks. NCR was a huge corp in its heyday (they had more bus machines than cash registers) and ole charlatan Rutherfraud had one mammoth client there. He couldn't handle that! I think some doctors, (or snake oil characters), architects, etc., were grandfathered in or trained like manner decades ago or at least I've heard/known families chatting about their lineage of doctors traveling around in wagons in Oklahoma/TX, etc., but far from being professional doctors. He was a natural for charlatan/dictator role, obviously. He was no more a judge than Tony the GB boozer.

    I read somewhere how he was a fill in for judge and stooges nicknamed him after that -- it's been many decades since I read about the loser -- what little I could stomach. Alan F or A. F., Jan, Farkel (H20 members/days) had lots of info/history. Barbara Anderson probably has a wealth of knowledge about him.

  • Finkelstein

    One shouldn't be dismissive to the fact of the business structure of the Watchtower Corporation as a publishing house from its beginnings forward..

    The devised doctrines which were created by the top executive editors of the WTS such as C Russell and J Rutherford were perhaps not biblicaly supported but they were certainly advantageous for the proliferation of literature.

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