The Jehovah's Witnesses religion is a pretentious fraud.

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  • smiddy3

    Finkelstein ,sorry bro,but you forgot to add their Real Estate scam into the mix ,whereby Bros.& Sis,volunteer their time ,energy materials and money to build a KH that then belongs to the WTB&TS and then to be sold off at some later date whereby the said WT society pockets the profits and the congregation goes through the same scenario again receiving nothing from the sale of the original KH.

    Otherwise your post is spot on mate.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Leading Watchtower people may not be scholars. You could say they are beyond scholars.They are psychologists, sociologists, rocket scientists and actors roled into one. Their stupidity is that they use all this to try to cover over self-evident lies by confusing people.

    By reading the Bible and comparing its words to what they are saying, the lies eventually become clear to you.

    Then, if you are concerned about sticking to what the Bible really says and challenge their authority, you get thrown out.

    But not everything they teach is wrong and you have to be careful not to identify Jehovah with them because they'd love you to do that. It would be a victory for them, is as you leave, you abandon your faith in Jesus Christ and his Father, Jehovah.

    Hi Smiddy, just saw you post, yes its sucks people's lives, resources and intelligence out of them.

  • smiddy3

    Anna Marina ,with all due respects even the WT/JW/WTB&TS ,if I`ve covered all bases admitted in their publication that the word /name Jehovah is not a correct rendering /pronunciation of Gods true name .

    And that they only settled on the name Jehovah because it was the most popularised /familiar name in use since about the 14th Century.

    They admitted in there publication " Aid To Bible Understanding" 1st edition that Yahweh was probably the more correct pronunciation ,however they stuck with Jehovah because it was the more popular name in use ?

    By whom ?

    Christendom of course who else uses God`s name .?

    Contradicting JW`s claim that Christendom has been hiding God`s name from the public.

    Modern scholars seem to prefer YHWH in preference to JHVH regarding the Tetragrammaton as Yahweh as there was no J sounding letter in Hebrew

  • Giordano

    It's not really that difficult to understand what the WTBTS is all about. Power and money.

    Start from the early years with how 'God's House' came to be:

    "Even then, cult leader Charles Taze Russell's monstrous ego would not allow him to submit to the judgement of the court. Charles Taze Russell refused to pay the increase in alimony, plus refused to pay Maria Russell's court-ordered attorney fees and court costs. Charles Taze Russell even moved his business operations to Brooklyn, New York to escape the arms of the Pennsylvania courts and Maria Russell. Facing contempt proceedings and an outstanding arrest warrant, Charles Taze Russell sailed to Europe and left Judge Rutherford behind to settle matters with Maria Russell and the Pennsylvania courts, so that he himself did not have to personally submit to anyone else's will or authority."

    Apparently God's House (Bethel) was born in corruption amid a ploy to avoid court expenses and a financial divorce settlement.
    Thankfully Russell had 'Judge' Rutherford" to become his legal aid.

    Side note: neither man had any off spring or ex wives attend their funerals.

    And on this 'rock' a religion was formed. Corruption embraced........ and until this day....... nothing has changed.

  • blondie

    Actually, Rutherford had a son Malcolm. Yah, I was surprised too.

    Proclaimers book

    Brother Rutherford was survived by his wife, Mary, and their son, Malcolm. Because Sister Rutherford had poor health and found the winters in New York (where the Watch Tower Society’s headquarters were located) difficult to endure, she and Malcolm had been residing in southern California, where the climate was better for her health. Sister Rutherford died December 17, 1962, at the age of 93. Notice of her death, appearing in the Monrovia, California, Daily News-Post, stated: “Until poor health confined her to her home, she took an active part in the ministerial work of Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "The Jehovah's Witnesses religion is a pretentious fraud."

    I'd have swapped out "pretentious" with "presumptuous", but whatever..., to-mah-to.

  • Finkelstein

    Something else to keep in mind is that when Rutherford announced that Jehovah had chosen him and the IBSA in 1919 for being true interpreters of the bible and accurate faithful followers of Jesus in preaching his new Kingdom to come.

    This organization at the time was doing everything else the other Christian based faiths were doing such as celebrating Christmas, birthdays, smoking, drinking even when illegal, some were involved in other organizations like the Freemasons and to top it off they were preaching a false commercially tainted Gospel started by C Russell.

    So in essence they were theological worse than other Christian based faiths, which brings the question up why would Jehovah choose these men when they were really false prophet apostates ???

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi Smiddy - just saw your comment to me. How you pronounce the name of the God of Abraham depends on phonetics. For instance the name John, Ian, Jan, Evan, Ivan are all the same name. I think the J or Y issue comes in due to the German/English translations. Ju or Yu are very similar. Regarding V or W - the W in German is actually V.

    In English if you say O, you can hear the W. Maybe in German the sound is OV.

    When I've heard some rabbis pronounce the W in Hebrew I've hear them use the V sound rather than W.

    On the subject of phonetics Ts can become Ds. Bs can become Vs, Ks can become Gs etc.

    But the identity of the God of Abraham remains the same however you pronounce His name.

  • Finkelstein

    I just use the Almighty Dude, it seems homogenous across languages and dialects 😊

  • LV101

    I don't think Booze Rutherford was a professional, educated, lawyer, if that's who Fink is referring to above. I read somewhere a long time ago (maybe H20) he worked for the court, (clerk's office) was able to obtain the state bar assoc. test and the rest is history. I don't have proof but it should be out there somewhere.

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