I can't find the damn thing!!!!!

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider


    Please forgive the following rantings. Several months ago I lost my watch. It is somewhere in the house. I know this because each morning as I drink my coffee and ready myself for work the damn alarm on the watch goes off.

    I find myself launching from my seat and scurrying about trynig to find out where the sound of the alarm in coming from. The beeping goes on for 20 seconds. 20 seconds though has proven to be an inadequate amount of time to find the damn thing.

    I have gotten to the point that I try to ignore the alarm and go on with whatever I happen to be doing. Today I was reading posts and listening to Sheila study for her psych test. She heard the alarm and wanted to know what it was. She has never heard it before because it goes off before she gets out of bed. She asked why I did not try to find the watch. I explained that I have been looking for the past several months every morning and that I had given up on the thing. I know that I will find it the day after the damn batteries go dead and the alarm no longer beckons me from my morning rituals. I know it will be in the last place I look.

    Would this drive you nuts? How many 20 second segments of your life would you waste looking for a $20.00 dollar watch? Have I lost all credibility? Did I ever have any?

    Chalk it up as one of Thunder's Blunders. Few but funny.


  • worldlygirl

    HA HA HA . . . Of course it will be in the last place you look!!! Why would you keep looking after you found it, silly??

  • Sentinel

    So, you can hear it, but you can't find it? Twenty seconds is so little time when you are trying to find where the sound's is coming from. Usually things like this turn up in a rather short period of time, but you've been missing it for awhile now. This is really so very funny.

    Do you have a large dog, who could have swollowed the watch? Remember the allegator in Peter Pan?

    Have you noticed spooky noises, or childish giggles, or other things being moved around? Sure sign of them there playful little fairy creatures,whom I will not call demons.

    Obviously, Thunder, your watch has simply become invisible. To find this watch you will have to purchase pair of X-Ray vision glasses, which will render the object visible again.

    (How old did you say you were? Having senior moments is usually "just that". Best wishes in your search.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Since the alarm goes off at the same time each day - and you know what time it will go off - make an effort to be in each room of your house, starting with the room you think is most likely to contain the watch, at the time the watch will soound the alarm. Unless your house is extraordinarily HUGE you should be able to do a pretty good search of the room during the 20 seconds the alarm is sounding. If you don't find it in the first room, on the next day you start in the second-most likely room. I suspect you'll find the watch within a month or two...

  • xjw_b12


    That is too funny. Did the same thing with a pager, only it was on vibe mode. I had to walk through the house, with my cordless phone on redial and keep calling it, trying to keep the kids quiet, etc, trying to listen for a vibration no less.

    Eventually found it in the laundry hamper !

  • Angharad

    Is it down the side or back of the couch, thats where I'm always finding things!

  • Shakita

    Oh...how funny!

    Yes, look in, around and under the couch....that's were we always lose our TV remote. There, and under the coffee table.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • JamesThomas

    You're a victim Thunder. A hapless victim of what I call the Mayonnaise Syndrome. You know, where you look and look for something that should be right here but isn't, and when you find it, it was in a place you swear you searched already -- thoroughly. I've done this with mayonnaise (and other things) before, searched the fridge two or three times and the cupboards (where it shouldn't be) only to find it top shelf, front and center in the fridge where I looked first and third, and where it couldn't be missed unless you were blind and in a coma. So, I have kept my sanity (questionable as it is) by telling myself that periodically things shift over into a parallel-universe where they can't be seen. This is what happened to your watch. It, the seemingly solid higher vibrational parts have shifted into another dimension not assessable to ours. The sound of the watch, of a much lower vibrational frequency has stayed in this universe. When you do finally find it you'll find it where you already searched. Yup, that's what's happening. Don't be surprised if you find it in a jar of Mayonnaise. JamesT

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    You guys are great.

    Worldlygurl, I have been known to have the uncanny ability to state the obvious from time to time.

    Sentinel, I have checked all the dogs and cats 3 each both ends and no sign of the watch. I think I'll put them all in the same kennel till morning so I won't have to round them up in the morning. That is sure to go over well.

    XJW been there done that! Lost my pager in an attic once and took an hour to find in all the insulation.

    Angharad and Shakita, I found $2.31 in the couch cushions. What's your cut?

    Nathan, I will give your suggestion a try tommorow.

    JT, Thank you for your sympathy and diagnosis. I believe it is a conspiracy. Perpetrated by the inhabitants of the X-11 galaxy. They have been steeling socks for years. They only have one foot so they only steal one sock. I believe they are also responsible for the mayonaise thing. I checked the fridge twice tonight and we're clean out of the stuff.

    I will tend to finding my watch in the morning and will keep you all informed as I see that you will all probably pace the floors this evening wondering, "I wonder what Thunder and SheilaM are doing?" Well maybe not.


  • Lord Zagato
    Lord Zagato

    If you can hear it, then it must be pretty near. I would think that if you hear it from the same place each morning--from the dining room, if I am correct--then it means the watch is just someplace near it. It would probably be in the very same place where you are when you hear it. As someone said, it might well be in the least likely place you are looking for; or to be more exact, it is often in the most obvious place that you just overlook it.

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