Wt video this week big problem.

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  • poopie

    Problem with this week's video on counsel. Why did they emphasize the counsel and not the fact that those who were watching movie should have followed Christ counsel at Mathew 5 go to your brother instead they ratted on the guy to an elder and let him do dirty work.Wow just totally ignore Jesus words.

  • JW_Rogue

    The real problem is that they are promoting a culture where no one has the good sense to mind their own damn business. Grown people can't decide what movies they enjoy watching? If his guest didn't like it they could always leave but they didn't. That was just thrown in there to try to be funny and light hearted, which isn't a JW strength. In the reality version, the guests all enjoyed the movie as well and see nothing wrong with it but make the mistake of talking about it in front of an over zealous Elder.

  • dozy

    Just shows the micro managing, gossip culture and nit picking in the Org. Some 'friends', they are that talk to elders after they have spent a social evening at your house.

  • waton
    'friends', they are that talk to elders after they have spent a social evening at your house.

    wt mind control, they want to promote this to be normal behaviour of the sheep to be shorn.

    first watch, then discuss (mostly sisters) to grind the message home. your not even save at home. horrible.

  • alanv

    They generally completely ignore what Jesus said and just go straight to the elders. They have been doing that for decades

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    JW mentality is conditioned to respond just like the scumbags of Nazi Germany, communist USSR, and the McCarthy witch-hunts - rat on anyone you can, and boost yourself in the eyes of the hierarchy as being "loyal" to the cause.

  • scratchme1010

    poopie, you are absolutely on point. They do completely ignore the words in the bible (apparently from Jesus).

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov
    The problem is that there are a lot of people that think that a position with in a congregation means something. I know a brother who was a great guy, but one day he decided he wants to be an elder. He fully changed and lost all his character. And as soon as he had a chance to tell on someone he didn't hesitate. He was doing anything just look good in front of CO. Sometimes I think when people can't succeed outside the KH they turn into horrible people who want to establish themselves in the Organisation and these type of people GB loves. As these people will sell their own parents just to get a tap on their head from the CO
  • baldeagle

    WT 1999 October 15, p. 18 pars. 4-5 You May Gain Your Brother

    4 Jesus advised that you “lay bare his fault between you and him alone. That is wise. Some German translations phrase this, present his fault “under four eyes,” meaning yours and his. When you kindly bring up a problem in private, it usually is easier to resolve. A brother who did or said something offensive or unkind may more readily acknowledge the error to you alone. If others were listening, imperfect human nature might incline him to deny being wrong or to try to justify what he did. But as you bring the issue up “under four eyes,” you may find that it was a misunderstanding rather than a sin or deliberate wrong. Once you both grasp it as a misunderstanding, you can settle it, not allowing a trivial issue to grow and poison your relationship. Hence, the principle at Matthew 18:15 can be applied even to minor offenses in daily life.

    My observation: That elder that eagerly listened to the negative opinions from others in the congregation regarding the appropriateness of the movie handled it incorrectly. He should have redirected those individuals to go directly to the family that they have a problem with and to NOT advertise or gossip about how they felt with others…end of story.

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    This is why, if I ever lost my senses and went back, I wouldn't talk to anyone about what I watch or read or thought - EVER. It is a police state, not unlike a communist country.

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