Close, Critical Analysis of "Should Others Make Decisions for Us"

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  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    It is the same with your conscience. You can only follow it on matters that they say are OK. So in the days when alternative service was a no no, anyone whose conscience allowed them to do it, instead had to abandon their families and serve a prison sentence instead, even if that action went against their conscience.

    I have always found it amusing that the WT must have a view on almost everything, and dubs must conform, even when the issue has no bearing at this time. A prime example of this is, “will those destroyed at Sodom and Gomorrah be resurrected?” Even though the answer to that question has depended on what year in which you ask it, dubs must fall in line with the prevailing view. I once asked a dub that called on me, “Why does the WT have a view at all? Why don’t they just say, ‘we don’t know’? We don’t need to know.” His answer was, “we are a united people and we must have unity”. So sad really.

  • undercover
    It is up to each of us to make decisions, and the wise, right choices are based on sound Scriptural knowledge. Galations 6:5 reminds us: “Each one will carry his own load of responsibility.” (Ftn.) We should not give someone else the responsibility to make decisions for us. Rather, we should personally learn what is right in God’s eyes and choose to do it.
    How might we give in to the danger of letting others choose for us? Peer pressure could sway us to make a bad decision. (Prov. 1:10, 15) Still, no matter how others try to pressure us, it is our responsibility to follow our Bible-trained conscience. In many respects, if we let others make our decisions, we are essentially deciding to “follow them.” It is still a choice, but a potentially disastrous one.

    This can be used to one's advantage should they face pressure from JW family over a decision that one makes in opposition to WTS direction. Take the blood transfusion issue for example. You decide to allow the hospital to administer blood if needed during an operation. JW family goes nuts. The HRC gets involved. All these people are putting pressure on you to abide by WT sanctioned rules. You trot this article out, and tell them through exhaustive research of the Scriptures your Bible trained conscience has determined that a blood transfusion is acceptable, and that to needlessly deny it could lead to a potentially disastrous result.

    Not that it changes anything in the long run, but it lays bare their hypocrisy at a crucial moment when you need them to leave you TFAlone.

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