Where to move?

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  • SpunkyChick

    Okay, so my family and I are looking to get out of Colorado. We are looking for warm climate in an affordable city. We're originally from Chicago, Illinois and have lived in SW Florida (Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers), and Las Vegas, Nevada. The humidity, bugs, and hurricanes in Florida were awful. And the flakey, uncaring people in Las Vegas were really annoying. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Stephanus

    Try Brisbane or Melbourne in Oz - it's where everybody I know from this board seems to be going! But it may be a little far for you...

  • ozziepost

    New South Wales!

    After all, some of the ??????????? posters are there!

    It's pouring with rain today.....very, very gloomy. Quite a change really from the blue skies. Bet you're getting it bad, Steph?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Stephanus

    Thunder and lightning even as we speak Ozzie! I'd better log off...

  • Ravyn

    we just moved to Bedford, Virginia--between Roanoke and Lynchburg, central part of the state. The climate is ok. beautiful scenery. So far the people are really nice. But it may be a tad too fundy for you if you are used to the west. I moved from Tennessee and could not wait to get out of there! (no offense to anyone from TN here--but I was going nuts with the fundys and the red-necks.) We are paying $575 (rent)a month for a small three bedroom brick ranch on two acres on a county road about 6 miles from town. About 10 miles from a huge lake resort area. No one across the road from us, and the neighbors can only be seen thru the trees. Very peaceful, but somewhat isolated for me. My utilities are reasonable too---central air or heat pump(one or the other day and night) and it was about $100 and that is with the deposit for a new account added on to it. We have our own well, and the water pressure could be better, but I understand they have been in a drought until this year. No tornadoes here yet, but some pretty intense thunderstorms. Work seems to be pretty good compared to where we were--my husband is making $10-12 an hour (this is half what he made 5 years ago--but things have changed and I don't know if they will ever go back to that). I like it here.

    I like the culture and history. It is still 'south' but so many people here are from NY and NJ that you can get a fantastic pizza and subs and still enjoy the easy lifestyle. And you can buy alcohol here too(couldn't in TN). Biggest friggin Walmarts you ever saw! LOL do a search on the web....Roanoke, Bedford, Lynchburg-Virginia

    mapquest.com and superpages.com --two webpages I would not move without!


  • LDH

    Hey, C'Mon out to Fresno, California.

    No humidity, every day is a good hair day. July and August are hot but bearable. Fresno County is the #2 Agricultural County in the COUNTRY.

    You can get ANY kind of fresh fruit/veggies here.

    Here's some links.

    And hey, welcome to the board.


  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    There's always room for a spunkychick in the humble abode of cheeses on the beautiful North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Not sure what your family is gonna do though.

    cheeses - who is certain that you will like his collection of whips and handcuffs.

  • Shutterbug

    I have been all over the US and part of Mexico, and the only place to live is in Texas. We have the friendlists people on the planet and a strong apostate community. Bug

  • teenyuck

    Do not go to: Wichita, Kansas. Purgatory on earth.

    Deliverance banjos play frequently in Northern Kentucky....just south of Cincinnati. Yikes. Pretty if you don't mind being chased through the woods by men with no front teeth and want you to squeal like a pig.

    But seriously....I would move to S. Cal if I could afford it. Or New Mexico, Santa Fe, or Arizona, Scottsdale or Flagstaff.

  • SheilaM
    Do not go to: Wichita, Kansas. Purgatory on earth.

    No kiddin we hate Kansas Missouri actually isn't bad but humid in Summer

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