Anyone notice how only some JWs are on FB or social media

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  • dozy

    From what I can see (UK ) , it tends to be the older ( ie 40+ ) and often the more "Society men & women" types who don't have social media accounts , but it isn't consistent - I know one very self-righteous JW type , very much a Society loyalist , who is very active in his Facebook , Instagram etc accounts. The younger ones , virtually all 2nd / 3rd generation JWs almost all have them.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    We had a servants/elders meeting with the circuit overseer during the latter part of the Myspace era. During this meeting, the co said that it would be a good idea for all of the elders to create fake Myspace accounts so that they could spy on other witnesses who had accounts. They especially wanted to keep an eye on the younger ones of course. The way the co talked, he wasn't really stressing the need to use Myspace properly. He was saying that witnesses shouldn't be using it at all, and that the elders should just spy on everyone until things got under control. A friend of mine even said that the elders met with her just because she was on Myspace. Fast forward a few months later to the Facebook era, and everything is fine. No need to spy on anyone. Just use Facebook properly and in moderation and everything is A okay. Double motherfuck this organization and the horse it rode in on.
  • rockemsockem

    Well I do know that what goes in LA would almost be a DFing offense in Kansas. Just using that to make a point. But I knew people on the west coast who would throw kegger parties and in the Midwest that would get you at the very min a good talking to and don't do it again. But the GB Morris said "if you just stick to the JW.ORG you will not go wrong. " So he did not say don't or you can't but that you should not really be going on other sites. I am sure they are not against Amazon or Walmart ect shopping or looking up poison control ect. but social media and for sure anything even remotely anti JW and then you have all the really really watch your videos and movies and other things that can be "bad"

  • hoser

    When an anti Facebook CO was in power a lot of brothers/sisters deactivated their accounts. When we got a new guy in who wasn’t so strict they started posting again.

  • Spiral

    Originally, when the internet was new, the bOrg demonized anything on the internet as worldly, bad, going to make you go crazy, etc.

    Then a decade or so later, it was okay.

    Why? JW.bOrg was born. Tablets at the meetings, once being taboo, were fine. Getting the literature online was great, because they didn't need to front the cost of printing.

    Older people were taught the internet was bad, that's why a lot of older JWs don't know how to do much on the internet. Now, they are effectively handicapped.

    But once the bOrg saw the advantages, they reversed course (new light, anyone?) and cruising the internet was okay - as long as you kept it confined to JW.bOrg and websites that wouldn't challenge your beliefs.

  • SplaneThisToMe
    A lot use fake names on FB and IG so people of their past can’t reach them
  • joe134cd

    This is a face book experience a few years back. I get a FB request from the PO in my cong. I thought cool I’ll accept him. Then a few weeks latter he gives a part on the service meeting demonising FB and saying he friend requested people in the cong to see how spiritual their fb accounts were. I really had nothing to hide and to be fair I had pics of jw friends, conventions and it was jw focused. I was so annoyed at what this guy had done (I was pimi at the time) that I went straight home to block him, to find out he had shut down his account. If he had asked me and told me what he was up to I would of happily showed him my account. I certainly was unimpressed by his methods. Wanker.

  • Gorbatchov

    I remember many CO's who told us that the society whould never use computers and the internet.

    How wrong they were.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I had a Facebook a/c ...Stan Livedeath...with 100's of existing friends...Facebook closed it down. I expect someone ..a dub? complained it was a fake

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