A Must Read Update on WBTS and Darkspilver from reddit

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  • steve2

    Some ex-JWs have posted entire videos from JW broadcasting then claimed this was within the "fair use" defense. The copyright law is clear, as Jehalapero states: "Fair use" is not a license to use copyrighted videos beyond the immediate criticisms and/or satire.

  • Vidiot


    ...considering that all their copyright fuss is - for all intents and purposes - taking whole chapters out of Scientology's playbook.


  • stillin

    Many of these WT articles and videos I would never have seen had they not been linked or copied here! Maybe that's how Jehovah is reaching the "lost sheep!"

    Maybe the WT should send Darkspilver a thank you note.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    WT is less interested in defending it's copyright, and focused on divulging the identities of those who are still embedded within the organization, but mentally out, sharing documents and information, not readily available to the R&F members, or the public. They stand to gain nothing monetarily by going after these individuals, and will undoubtedly lose money if they legally pursue them. So the DMCA subpoenas are really nothing more than a means to an end; exposing, expelling, and plugging the holes.

    And here I thought brothers taking people to court wasn't christian. What happened to remaining neutral, no part of the world, trusting in Jehovah, and his timeline, to defend his people? Pursuing and exposing these people through worldly courts is a good witness and reflects favorably on the organization and Jehovah?


    I found the last part of the above link to be of particular note;

    "If such lawsuits are pursued without a spirit of contention, they may not violate the spirit of Paul’s inspired counsel.* Nonetheless, a Christian’s priority should be the sanctification of Jehovah’s name and the peace and unity of the congregation. Christ’s followers are marked first and foremost by their love, and “love . . . does not look for its own interests.”​—1 Corinthians 13:4, 5; John 13:34, 35."

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