JW Superstitions

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  • sandy

    Yesterday I got home and I realized I accidentally brought a necklace with a cross on it from my boyfriend's house.

    It was in a regular brown paper bag I put some of my things in.

    I was lying in bed last night thinking about it wondering if I should take it outside. I was afraid the demons were going to invade my house.

    I decided to leave my TV on all night because we all know the demons will not bother you if your light or TV is on. LOL I can be such a lamebrain.

    I slept well with no weird occurrences . Thank God!!!

    Do any of you still have silly jw superstitions?

  • Gopher

    It's bad luck to say "UNLUCKY" or "LUCK".

    It's okay to stop at garage sales, but be careful what you buy there. It could have demonic attachments.

    If a strange event occurs, it's Satan tempting you, or Jehovah is giving you a sign to interpret. Or both.

  • Nosferatu

    It's sad how paranoid JWs become. My mother (still a JW) cleans the house of an older JW. She is afraid that her stereo is demonized because it makes a scratchy noise when she turns the volume control.

    I remember a JW family that got a pillow from a worldly relative. One of the kids started having nightmares, so they had to throw the pillow away.

    I also remember playing the Bob & Doug McKenzie album for a JW, and his conscience started bothering him so he shut the tape off.

  • Dawn

    I also remember playing the Bob & Doug McKenzie album for a JW, and his conscience started bothering him so he shut the tape off.

    Probably the same guy that watches porno at night when noone else is around

  • sandy

    That reminds me of my JW cousin, she told my dad that the Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation album was demonic because of one song on there. It was called something like Black......I cannot even remember. My dad made my sister get rid of it. Then a couple of months later my cousin had the album in her collection because she liked some other song off the album.

  • Francois

    There are NO demons. None. Except for the ones we make up in our own heads. You can't be demonized unless you dream them up first. So cool it.

    My two.


  • manon

    Open bible preferably on Psalm 23 especially in the bedroom. Chases the you know whats away!!!!

  • lost_and_searching

    OMG! I remember going to garage sales with my mother as a little girl and as soon as we got home (before bringing anything we bought into the house), she would make us stand there while she prayed over it to get rid of Satan's demons. She didn't want them entering our home via the stuff from the garage sale!!! LMAO!!!

    Too funny. ~Bobbi

  • JamesThomas
    "There are NO demons."

    Chances are good Francois that you would have kept silent on this thread or voiced quite a different opinion had you ever met my x-wife. Jesting aside I agree that there is a closer link between our consciousness and our perception of phenomena than most realize. Put enough mental energy in thoughts and fears of demons and such, and they'll be crawling out from under your bed tonight sure thing. Running their slimy and oozing bodies all over your clean sheets. Throwing things and making disgusting noises and smells. I hate it when they do that. Funny thing is it never worked when I was a teenager fantasizing about girls. And I put enough energy into that to create another universe. Maybe that's where they went. Somewhere there's a million planets filled with naked women. JamesT

  • pseudoxristos

    Don't even think about reading the fortune cookie after eating Chinese.

    I tried this once after eating at a Chinese restaurant with Witnesses. They freaked out, it was if they thought that I was Satan himself.

    Next time Witness come to my door; I think I will offer them some old fortune cookies. I can see them slowly backing away now.


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