Crisis of Conscience is being delivered to my door today. I can't wait

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    It was just what I needed to get out of the JWs. I was in the middle of reading it when I decided never to go back.

    If somebody had come to me with some religious argument, it would not have worked. Why or why they aren't the F&DS. Whether God is a trinity or not. But this spoke to the flaws of the organization itself from a behind the scenes perspective.

    I had grown up not knowing the names of anybody on the Governing Body, but pictured them meeting in some sort of communications portal and talking directly to god (at least figuratively). That since they were at such an elite status, they must all agree on everything.

    The whole book opened my eyes to them that they were just human. Just men running a religion. Pretending to be inspired. Perhaps convincing themselves they were.

    It also opened my eyes to the subtle brain-washing. Even in the names of things. And helped me realize it when an ex-JW friend of mine tried to get me into another cult he had stumbled into.

    It was just all-around beneficial and exactly what I needed.

    Carl Olaf Johnson has two great books as well. Gentile Times Reconsidered does a great job at debunking the whole 1914 thing. And Last Days When? (I think) discusses all of the signs of the end and how, in the scale of time, these things are just temporary up-ticks in things that have been way worse at times. Things like earthquakes, wars, disease, etc. I found the later book a more interesting read. If you've already given up on 1914, it can be a very tedious read to read a whole book disproving it. Whereas Last Days explores many different topics.

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    Thank you all,

    I work 12 hour nights, so it may take me a day or 2 to respond to posts. I have read each and every post on the subject and really appreciate everyone's thoughts, comments, and helpful suggestions. I also appreciated the many book recommendations. I must say in my waking up I have been watching and listening to Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins. I will also be ordering some of the books suggested from the many comments in this thread. It's hard to piece it all together, but when the pieces start to fall into place its a process that cannot really be stopped, or slowed-actually its a process that speeds up. I am only on page 100 in the C of C book and I am so impressed with the writing of Raymond Franz. He is presenting facts about the WT in a kind and compassionate way without delusion of Grandeur. I believe his motivation is a real love for people, a real love for the truth to any matter. He is neither cynical or angry-something that I could not emulate if I were in his shoes. It's an amazing read and I encourage everyone to get this book. Again, thank you all as you are my friends and my therapy service - lol-


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