The Society even admitted they had a problem with their pedophile leaders.

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Oh, yes, the Society even admitted they had a problem with their leaders. A January 1, 1986 Watch Tower article (p. 13) stated: “Shocking as it is, some who have been prominent in Jehovah’s organization have succumbed to homosexuality and child molesting.”

    In the Watchtower article, they didn’t disclose the rest. What they should have said is this: “Shocking as it is, some who have been prominent in Jehovah’s organization have succumbed to homosexuality and child molesting and we have none NOTHING about it!” That is the “shocking” part they conveniently left out of the article, not that people could do this but that the leaders there would do nothing about it.

    Since I no longer have any bound volumes and the society will only let you research back to the year 2000 can anyone here tell me, what the name of this study article was back in January 1 of 1986.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005
    and we have none NOTHING about it!”

    Say what?

  • sparky1

    The name of the study article was: Days Like "the Days of Noah". You are correct that this statement was found on page 13 and it was contained in paragraph 12.

  • Finkelstein

    Are they referring to brother Greenless (Homosexaul), a GB member back in the day ?

  • fastJehu
    *** w86 1/1 p. 13 par. 12 Days Like “the Days of Noah” ***
    12 Shocking as it is, even some who have been prominent in Jehovah’s organization have succumbed to immoral practices, including homosexuality, wife swapping, and child molesting. It is to be noted, also, that during the past year, 36,638 individuals had to be disfellowshipped from the Christian congregation, the greater number of them for practicing immorality. Jehovah’s organization must be kept clean! (1 Corinthians 5:9-13) This is a time for congregation elders, ministerial servants, and indeed all our brothers and sisters to avoid any circumstances that could lead to immorality. Loyalty to Jehovah’s standards will be rewarded, as Psalm 97:10 states: “O you lovers of Jehovah, hate what is bad. He is guarding the souls of his loyal ones; out of the hand of the wicked ones he delivers them.”

    Even more shocking for me is that the GB only refers to the congregations here. Not a word from the branch offices or about the governing body. Denial, denial, denial.

    @ Finkelstein

    Never ever would they do this.

  • ToesUp

    But they are "hand picked" by Jehovah. How could that be?? lol

  • fastJehu

    @ ToesUp

    w16 January p. 27 § 13

    The number of partakers includes those who mistakenly think that they are anointed. Some who at one point started to partake of the emblems later stopped. Others may have mental or emotional problems that lead them to believe that they will rule with Christ in heaven.

  • john.prestor

    I think it was Greenless who was suspected of pedophilia and demoted quietly Finkelstein, and then a different GB member, an Edward Chitty, who was gay and got demoted for that in the late 70s I want to say, right around the time Ray Franz got chased out.

  • Simon

    I actually think this was more of an attempt to smear Franz and ruin his reputation so people wouldn't listen to him rather than them admitting to anything.

    They didn't want anyone hearing his side of things so they tried to make him radioactive to JWs

  • steve2

    Yes Simon I agree. To his credit, Ray never reacted in writing to this excerpt.

    As expected, the Watchtower writer(s) equated “homosexuality” with “child molestation” knowing rank and file JWs would conclude that each JW who is gay and disfellowshipped for immorality is an actual if not potential child molester.

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