Funnies : Mr. Deity

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  • Diogenesister

    Hi this guy is a classic. If you have a few mins he's well worth checking out, highly recommended!

    Another guy I love on YouTube is Pinecreek....he has a wonderful, gentle manner as he gets into discussions with Christians about God, atheism etc

  • smiddy3

    Well it`s probably closer to the truth than many people will admit.

  • Magnum

    'If they pray to me, and things go well, who gets the credit? Me."

    'If they pray to me, and things don't go well, who gets the blame? Not me."

    He can't lose. Indicative of JW mentality.

    JW#1: "Oh, I prayed to Jehovah, and he helped me get a new dress for the convention."

    JW#2: "Oh, my young daughter just died after suffering horrific burns over 90% of her body. I prayed to Jehovah for him to help the firemen save her, but they just couldn't get to her in time. I'll see her in the resurrection."

  • 3rdgen

    IMO not only JWs view prayer this way.

  • Magnum

    3rdgen, I agree; it's not only JWs.

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