Who Do JWs Fear The Most? Top Five

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  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    It's a fear-based religion, at its core. JWs fear many things, but what or who do they fear the most? Let's find out...

    5) Satan

    The source of all evil they say. In reality, quite a cartoonish character. I remember hearing constantly about how scary he is and how he's to blame for everything, but I don't remember ever actually being scared of him. His actions always seem very distant and abstract, revolving more around the world stage at large rather than us as individuals. Moreover, the way his entire future is all planned out makes him seem rather inconsequential, and he's viewed with contempt by JWs more than fear.

    4) Eachother

    The fear of being exposed as unworthy and not good enough is very real for JWs. Every witness believes they aren't doing enough preaching and are sinning way more than everyone else. The fear of being found out and humiliated or even disfellowshipped is strong, though not a mortal fear.

    3) Demons

    Unlike Satan, demons seem to be more involved with us as individuals. I remember hearing many stories about them and the chilling things they do. JWs are scared of demons, but only when they're mentioned. Most of the time they're out of sight, out of mind. Although they believe that demons aren't really capable of killing people, they do fear the frightening experience of encountering one, so much so that even now I feel a bit creeped out by Ouija boards, and I haven't believed in demons for many years. It's a visceral fear for JWs, but not a profound one, and quite easy for them to ignore for the most part.

    2) Apostates

    Whereas the JW's fear of demons mainly leads them to avoid direct encounters with demons or at the very least demonic imagery, so afraid are they of apostates that merely encountering their words terrifies them. JWs are constantly warned that even brief exposure to apostate writings is enough to destroy their faith, and with it their relationship with Jehovah and their hope of everlasting life. It's no wonder they fear us apostates so much, we are a threat to their very existence, as far as they are aware. And why are they warned that we can destroy their faith so easily? Because the governing body knows what we know, that their faith is built on very flimsy foundations. They ought to be afraid of us, losing your faith can be a traumatic experience.

    1) Jehovah

    No competition. This is the fear that makes all of the others seem inconsequential. This is a profound and mortal fear, the fear of everlasting death. JWs truly are God-fearing people, in the most literal sense. They are terrified of dying at Armageddon, terrified that their loving heavenly father will kill them for not living up to his standards. It's this fear that gets them to the meetings and out on the ministry. It's this fear that gets them to reach out and to pioneer. It's this fear that makes them convince themselves that they love Jehovah, you have to after all, you can't not love the dear leader. JWs have an abusive relationship with an imaginary being, brainwashed into them by a group of faithful and discreet charlatans, who ironically JWs don't fear at all, but perhaps ought to, since it's they who are pulling the strings and making them so fearful with their endless guilt-tripping and scaremongering.

    JWs are very fearful people, but their fears are profoundly misplaced.

  • VW.org

    Blasphemy against the holy spirit. I remember a watchtower article of about 10 years ago titled on this subject. And everyone at the meeting was deeply into this watchtower. They all seemed to have a guilty conscience.

  • smiddy3

    How is it you can apparently blaspheme against Jehovah God and Christ Jesus and it can be forgiven you yet if you blaspheme against the Holy Spirit it will not be forgiven you.




    4.Meeting someone at the door who knows more than they do


  • VW.org

    @smiddy3. I am just as mystified as you. I didn't understand it back then but now I do not believe in the bible anymore, so it does not matter to me.

    At the moment, I am pretty well agnostic/atheist.

  • redpilltwice

    6. Get caught with porn?

  • Jrjw

    7. Having their children play with other jw kids that don't believe what wts says.

    My daughter is not invited to nearly everything organised for the 16 kids in our hall

    She might tell their kids the ttatt

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    8. Knowing the real truth. Basically learning everything you believed in is false. Still Totally ADD

  • stuckinarut2

    Using one's own brain....that is too dangerous.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Being disfellowshipped. That was my childhood nightmare.

  • scratchme1010

    I'd say:

    1. Their own beings (their own thoughts, their intuition, having their own values and morals)
    2. People who chose not to keep their Jehovah crap (they call them apostates)
    3. Elders and JCs
    4. Their Jehovah
    5. Armageddon

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