NPR News: Lack Of Education Leads To Lost Dreams And Low Income For Many Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • LongHairGal


    You have a point there about "forces" who won't stand idly by while other JWs who disobeyed the religion's advice and got a college education (and kept privileges) while others did not get an education and are suffering.

    But, it's not just about "privileges" within the silly congregation. They can take their privileges and shove them! What good are so-called privileges if people can't pay bills and are worrying about retirement and surviving??

    Looking back, I consider "good standing in the congregation" and popularity to be utter nonsense and it certainly would not be paying my expenses now!

    I expect things are going to get bad in the congregations with people who did NOT get college or a decent job getting very strident and panicky. I'm glad to be away from all the fallout from the religion's fiasco that they caused to their members.

  • neverendingjourney


    I completely agree with you. I don't have any use for their nonsense and haven't for almost a dozen years. I've just seen embittered forces win out time after time. If a congregation becomes known for being "liberal" it usually doesn't take very long before outside forces make their voices heard and usually the CO will bring the hammer down.

    I specifically remember a congregation who became known for having particularly compassionate elders, except for one nasty SOB. A few of the elders allowed the youth to have large, supervised parties (gasp!). Eventually the SOB was able to get the CO to remove a few of those elders on dubious grounds and the congregation quickly returned to its prior condition, a fertile land for him to rule over as a tyrant.

    A major driving force was the complaints the CO received from JWs in neighboring congregations who complained that such parties were wrong and they were having trouble keeping the youth in line when the neighboring elders were allowing it in their own congregation.

  • ttdtt

    WOW - I think MOST of us could have been a sub for either of those stories.

    GLAD NPR picked it up - pretty safe that no JWs will hear or read it since NPR is for those who are Edumacated and interested in getting lerninnn.

  • NikL

    Missed this until now.


  • burnedout

    I shared this on fb and soon received a message from a still-in that I should let go of my hate...

    I do not have any hate, only regrets that after graduating high school I was not in college but trying to hand out magazines that no one wanted.

  • Crazyguy

    This damn cult stole all my dreams and aspirations. Started working full time at age 14 and education was not needed of course because the end was so close. I'm now 50 years old and have busted my ass to get what I have. Aggressiveness and an entrepreneurial mentality is the only thing that made me more successful at earning money then most.

    Do to my wife's stupidity I fear all my kids will be earning minimum wage for years when thier old enough to work and suffer like so many do and have in the cult. My father and father in law and mother in law all died destitute. This cult really sucks!!!!

  • NikL

    This cult really sucks!!!!

    You get an amen here!

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