Did you go to your ASSIGNED congregation?

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  • ttdtt

    Just think of the lack of freedom all JWs have. What to wear, say, think, were to meet, what games to play, what movies to watch, who are good friends, what to do on the weekend, what to read, how long your hair should be, how short your skirt can be, how tight your clothing should be, if you can get a boob job or not, what career, what language...... hard to think of other religions who are as controlling.

    but - the truth will set you free. really???

  • OnTheWayOut

    I moved into a large city and went to the local Kingdom Hall on Sunday after figuring out the meeting time for the one congregation out of the three,that I should be assigned to.

    I was asked by a sister, "Are you still trying to decide which congregation you are going to attend?"

    Apparently, that was the norm.

    My answer was "Nope. I live in this territory. Even if I don't like you guys, I am coming here."

    I was kidding. Anyone would know I was kidding. It became a major issue with the C.O. that I didn't like these people, and I had to remember this virtual non-incident and explain myself.

    I did wind up moving to another congregation's territory a few years later, but they met at that same hall and I was told not to bother changing congregations.

  • careful

    OK, I can't pass this one up. Is this for real?

    ttdtt stated that among the lack of freedoms JWs "enjoy" is this one:

    if you can get a boob job or not

    Does anyone know of such a thing really happening???

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