Sadly, This is Real

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  • Biahi

    Kids should put their candy wrappers and other such items in it to donate. Lol. Charlatans!!

  • stillin

    Or put an ice cream in there.

  • dozy

    It's quite shameful when you consider just what the Society has raised from selling its New York portfolio ( built & renovated primarily by volunteer JWs. )

    Ditto UK

  • punkofnice

    How low can they go?

  • tiki

    That is sick

  • rockemsockem

    Before I left the Org. There was a fake check you could print form Silent lambs. Can't remember what it said exactly but I put a few of those in the CB. at the assembly hall so no one would know who it was. The KH was too small and it could be figured out.

  • dubstepped

    When I first saw this I thought well yeah, maybe it's real, but it's probably on one of those stupid JW merchandise sites. Then I saw that it's on the Borg's own site and felt the full WTF moment. I think one of the things that bothered me when I woke up was seeing that not only were they screwing me all of those years, they were low key telling me exactly what they were doing and I didn't notice. Here's another example of their gross nature but most will never see it. Ugh.

  • Spiral

    @dubstepped, I was thinking the same thing. All the cheating of the rules was out in the open, but they have conditioned all the worker bees not to notice.

    And then when you do, you really want to smack yourself.

    I can't understand what the people in the congregation think the money is really being used for. Yes, they say for the worldwide work and kingdom halls, and yet they are selling tons of real estate and building even more valuable real estate (and this is well known). What for? An online organization doesn't need a big compound for printing presses, etc. Obviously, some are living very well off the backs of others, even trying to get the ice cream money.

    (and @stillin, yes, put a (mostly eaten) ice cream right in there!)

    And yet they don't see it. I wonder if they think families will put these in their homes? Ugh.

  • jp1692

    Apparently Anthony Morris III's Macallan account is running low. Or maybe he's just planning ahead!

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  • btlc

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