What does Trump Win mean for JWs?

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  • anointed1

    Trump’s son-in-law buys Watchtower HQ, has big, beautiful plans for it


  • Pubsinger

    I hope he's paying in instalments and stiffs them after the first payment!

  • Schnufti

    Oh my god the comments below that article.

  • scratchme1010

    So it went from filth one to filth two.

  • No longer a Babe
    No longer a Babe

    Yep truth be known... the GB ( Goon Brigade) know that Jehovah has now told them that he has changed his mind and Armageddon is forthwith cancelled. Might as well sell up and build your own paradise in upstate New York. They have been very loyal and heeded Jehovah's words. Bugger the rest of you !

  • anointed1

    I agree with you

    No longer a Babe

    It reminds me of this incident:

    At a distance, Jesus sees a fig tree with leaves, and being hungry, He approaches it hoping to find some fruit, since a fig tree often produces figs earlier than it produces foliage. Upon reaching the tree, all He finds are leaves; the tree had produced no fruit. Mark, the author of the book, adds the comment that "it was not the season for figs" (Mark 11:13).

  • rebel8

    LOL, that was an entertaining article, from "making the office building great again" to "Watchtower is the name of the church's newsletter".

    Refusing comment about whether they will remove the wt sign. LOL. Of course they will. They just don't want to let people see how great the new space is before they announce that. People have been known to get up in arms when "iconic" signs are removed.

  • schnell

    A Trump win will create a split whenever it comes up and perhaps multiple local needs or public talks about neutrality. Many JWs don't like Trump, but many watch Fox News and would likely vote Republican if they could.

    It certainly woke me up a little when I heard how brothers in service talked about Prop 8 in California. One said, "I hope they pass that law." (A yes vote on Prop 8 favored redefining marriage as between a man and a woman in the state of California's constitution.) "How odd," I thought. "I know it's about gay marriage, but isn't that stance anything neutral?"

  • prologos
    JWs would likely vote Republican if they could.

    Some would , because Rump, to a point, is an anti-establishment candidate, Many became JWs, because it is an anti-establishment religion, many are on this site, because of the abuse by the wt establishment. Isis is thought to be a movement against the older muslim establishment.

    The oldest establishment is the sovereignty issue. so:

    Trump. brexit, afd all in the same boat. or? change is good, that is how we got here.

  • Vidiot
    schnell - "JWs would likely vote Republican if they could."

    Very much so.

    When anonymously polled, the vast majority of self-identified loyal JWs hit virtually all the bullet points of the Christian Right.

    It is, in part, why it always surprises me when an ex-JW leaves because the WTS isn't authoritarian and "right-wing" enough.

    You'd think they'd had their fill of that sort of thing.

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