Street witnessing to Christmas Shoppers Yesterday

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  • Phizzy

    Yup, I remember Steve, I don't recall ever actually offering such a wonderful opportunity to anybody, I must have just pushed the MagRags.

    What I do recall is going out on Christmas day as a callow youth of around 14, "working" on my own, as I always tried to do,( less embarrassing,somehow), and being plied with drinks by many householders who thought it a funny thing to do, ironic too I guess, but I know by the end of the morning I was staggering a bit !

    Thanks for the Thread, I shall not hesitate to point out their hypocrisy if I see any Jdubs over the next few days !

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    That was back in the day when subscriptions were sold - sorry, 'placed' - for a set price.

    Anyone else remember those days? 1960s.

    i remember those days only too well. i was pioneering in the late 60's. i didnt like selling subscriptions. i built up a large magazine "route " pioneers paid one penny ( UK old pre-decimal money )---and sold the rags for four pence each. many regular customers gave me a bit extra.. it all mounted up--and paid for my petrol.

    we also cleaned up when the black / gold leaf new world bible came out--they sold well. kept me in beer.

  • talesin
    I am old enough to remember when we offered householders the opportunity to purchase Awake and Watchtower gift subscriptions for others throughout December.

    Me, too. We all had subscriptions, and as a kid, it was a BIG DAY when they arrived in the mail. I mean, my very OWN study copy of the Watchtower (TM) addressed to little ME. wow!

    I clearly recall that a 'selling point' was that, like porn, they came in a plain brown wrapper, so when selling subscriptions, we could assure the householder that their neighbours would not know they were receiving the JW literatrash.


  • Sabin
    Wow Dagney, what a brilliant comment you are so right that is exactly what we do as humans. You forgot though, to remember that when a JW's all humanism is forbade.
  • snugglebunny
    That was back in the day when subscriptions were sold - sorry, 'placed' - for a set price.

    Anyone else remember those days? 1960s.

    I remember, 7 shillings and sixpence for a full year!

  • sir82

    I remember when we were supposed to offer subscriptions. I don't think I ever did it even once.

    You were kind of shooting yourself in the foot if you did. It was an easy, no pressure way to get your "return visit" count up, running around and placing magazines with people. If they had a subscription, they didn't need you to go to their door, and thus, no "RVs" for your field service report.

  • Vidiot

    Jeezus, even when I was still in and active, I thought witnessing on Christmas was shitty judgement.

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