If Jehovah hates magic, why is it ok to go to Magic theme parks such as Disneyland the Magic Kingdom and not be disfellowshipped for it?

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  • Greybeard

    If Jehovah hates magic, why is it ok to go to Magic theme parks such as Disneyland the Magic Kingdom? I grew up a JW and we all went to Disneyland and Magic Mountain. If Jehovah hates magic then why are these places not forbidden? If Jehovah hates magic then every JW that has been to these magic theme parks should be disfellowshipped. That is probably most all of them! If you condemn magic and then go to Disneyland it is no different then condemning prostitution and then going to a whore house for vacation. I would be willing to bet money the Governing Body has stayed in luxurious rooms on vacation or assignment at these Magic theme parks. A place Jehovah hates... Does anybody know if they have?

  • sir82

    Don't kid yourself - there are a lot of JWs who have that exact attitude and thus won't take their kids to Disneyland, nor let them watch Disney films, nor let them read Harry Potter, nor....and and so on.

    GBer Tony Morris sneeringly condemned parents who preferred to take their kids to theme parks rather than to Bethel in one of his talks.

    The GB recognizes it is a slippery slope to condemn anything by name. It implies that anything not named is perfectly OK, and they don't want to be bothered with maintaining lists that are outdated daily.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Not only do we go to the Orlando, FL, theme parks, but we also go on all the rides, yes, including the ones in the Harry Potter Village. The butter beer is delicious!!!

    You see, the WTBTS has their opinion, then we individual JWs make up our minds on what we will follow and what we will consider pure bull shit.

    Then... Life goes on.


  • Greybeard

    Sir82, Yes, you are right, I was the type it bothered too so I know. I felt hypocritical going to Disneyland during Christmas time. The last time I went to Disneyland was about 20 years ago, my brother was a elder and our kids were young. We stayed in the main Disneyland hotel. I go into his room, there is a knock on the door and he tells his children, "Quick, hide in the closet" all because he didn't pay for the kids, only himself and his wife. He tells me, they can sleep on the floor. I was upset with him about that and said this is what your children will remember, you telling them to hide in the closet to save money on your room. Honest in all things my ass. If the Governing Body has stayed at Disneyland Magic Kingdom Hotel then they should be removed for doing something Jehovah God hates. It is no different then condemning prostitution and going on vacation at a whore house to me. Maybe I am missing something. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • DesirousOfChange

    As I see it, there are two kinds of JWs. The zealots and the moderates. My wife's parents were zealots. NO watching Bewitched or I Dream of Jeanie, etc. My parents were moderates. They assumed us kids were smart enough to know "pretend magic" from "real magic" or spiritism (demonic things).

    I think the WTS is attempting to create zealots by their hyped up propaganda, as exemplified in the videos for the Reg Conv. The zealots that the WTS wants are those who DO MORE in an effort to gain an additional week of everlasting life.


  • LisaRose

    When I was a JW I didn't see anything wrong with it. It's just fairy tales, no actual magic is involved. If you watch a show that includes a murder it doesn't mean you plan to murder anyone or think its OK to murder.

    I did know people that wouldn't go in the haunted house,which I can understand, but I personally didn't have a problem with that either. Looking back it surprising I stayed in as long as I did, I just could never be that strict about things. But then I was one of those liberal Southern California JWs they used to talk about.

  • Tenacious

    It's the same with using the Gregorian calendar, names of the week, wedding rings, bonfires, etc.

    Just a wink and a nod I guess. Probably same stupid reason why Brits can sport a beard but we can't. Go figure.

  • Perry

    "Magic" is a general term that encompasses a number of things including:

    * sleight of hand

    * computer graphical feats

    * illusions

    * occult

    And, probably a number of other things. Most of the magicians I know wouldn't touch the occult stuff with a ten foot pole.

  • Greybeard

    Have you ever read or listened to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel? I highly recommend listening to Peter Wolf read it. I got mine off iTunes. It explains the power of words and how they are magical. They call it "spelling" because it is casting a spell with words. I realize the word "magic" can mean many different things but the bottom line is Disneyland is associated with the occult, their cartoons are about witches and all of it. I am not condemning Disneyland but obviously the Governing Body has by saying "Jehovah hates magic."

    By anyones standards today, Jesus would be considered a healer, magician, wizard, sorcerer and psychic. He did all of that and said we could do it too. Miracle after miracle from turning water into wine, feeding thousands with two fish, pulling a coin out of a fish's mouth, reading a woman's mind at the well... Sounds like a Disneyland movie. Maybe Jehovah hates magic because he wants to be the only one who can do it. Didn't Jesus free them from those old laws of Jehovah?

    Jesus did many things condemned by Jehovah's law. He even spoke to Satan the most powerful demon of all. So yes maybe Jehovah, like the Watchtower, is against any human realizing they are gods and children of god as Jesus taught. (John 10:34) Jesus said you can do all the thing I do and more. The Watchtower is all about gathering a huge amount of facts then straining out the nat and gulping down the camel just as Jesus said. The camel they want you to gulp down is, you cannot do what Jesus did, you cannot heal, you cannot do magic, you cannot speak in tongues, you cannot communicate with Jesus or spirits. You can't understand the Bible guided by holy spirit Jesus said he would send you. You must believe every inspired utterance from this man made Golden Calf not questioning a word so their black magic words will work.

    Do not follow the words of Jesus, follow the words of Jehovah and we are the "mouthpiece of Jehovah" they say... You are not children of God, you will live on Earth because the door to heaven has been shut by Judge Rutherford. The Governing Body black magic magicians at the top have cast spells on us and our families with the spelling and mixing of words in the Watchtower. According to Jesus and the Bible, YOU are Gods with power like Jesus able to do miracles. According to the Watchtower, Jehovah hates that and so does the Watchtower. Jesus called the God of the Jews a man slayer and father of the lie. The Watchtower is no different then Jehovah trying to hold mankind back. They are Witnesses of Jehovah, not Witnesses of Jesus.

    They truly reject Jesus and created a new leader, the Golden Calf Governing Body. What do you think will happen to this Golden Calf when Jesus comes down the hill? Jesus tried to free us and show us, we are so much more then human. Galatians 3:26, "You are all, in fact, sons of God through your faith in Christ Jesus." NWT Notice the word ALL, You ALL are sons of God. Why doesn't the Watchtower teach this Bible teaching? Because they are Jehovah's Witnesses quoting old law and they reject the teachings of Jesus. They only give Jesus lip service and they focus on the laws Jesus freed them from. So they kill us for not believing every inspired utterance that comes from the Golden Calf. Just like they killed Jesus, nothing new under the sun! The Golden Calf has got to go. Peace out ;)

  • BluesBrother

    Good question .....one may also ask why Harry Potter & Lord of The Rings are looked down on - but Star Wars is loved by many dubs?

    "May the force be with you"

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