The (IN)Consistent teaching about VACCINATIONS from JW leaders

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  • Vidiot
    sea breeze - "That was right during the polio epidemic. I wonder how many suffered death and crippling due to a bunch of uneducated nut jobs?"


    Just further proves to me that the leadership have always been True Believers.

    Only people who were 100% certain they were right would play roulette with peoples lives like that, 'cause they're...

    a) ...convinced every knee-jerk reaction, conspiracy theory, or flash of "insight" is God whispering in their ear, and surround themselves solely with people who are never allowed to disagree with them...

    b) ...simply can't imagine a bad outcome as a result of any decisions based on that conviction, and...

    c) ...are certain Armageddon's gonna drop any day now, so any errors made won't matter, anyway.

    Terrific recipe for making needless martyr-wannabes, innit?

  • Terry

    Starting with Rutherford's era, the strategy for Jehovah's Witnesses' notoriety was
    rooted in the provocation of authority, defiance, high-profile court cases,
    sending rank-and-file into danger to create martyrs and a definite holier-than-thou pridefulness about persecution.
    Just another example of “By this, all people will know that you are my disciples if you have a love for one another”

  • Rafe

    Just another example of “By this, all people will know that you are my

    disciples if you have a love for one another”

    Well said Terry

  • jhine

    It is mind blowing to me that they get away with this level of control , but then they stop people from having transfusions.

    However l can , sort of , see that they at least used some odd twisting of the Bible to back up the non transfusion stance . Which as far as l know no other religion agrees with .

    I can't for the life of me think how they can give any Biblical backing for an anti vaxx stance .

    So why does anyone take any notice of this ?


  • Terry

    There is a period of time in human growth and development where we either divide off from parents and authority figures and become individuals, OR
    we are absorbed by their structures, strictures, and the sense of our protection from the outside.
    The thing called "individuation" is what spread human civilization.
    You fit in with your family/tribe or you don't.
    Innovation and creativity usually come from the oddballs who don't fit and are kicked out.
    All of us here are either born-ins who simply went with the flow of family beliefs, OR
    we split off from our own family and joined the new JW family.

    Wise people shop around for a better deal, don't they?
    But once you are absorbed into a community - you've put all your emotional "eggs" in one basket. You don't risk family, friends, security so easily - even when you see the cracks in the perfection.

    Risk-takers are said to be people of conscience because they step out of the safety zone and take a stand naked and alone. Not many people are built that way psychologically.

    The best thing that ever happened to most EX JW's was the day they were DF'D although it felt horrible.

    JW's do as they are told because it is the price you pay for keeping family and friends.


    20,000 dead huh?? Well, look on the brightside.. The Elderly and Infirm section just got smaller..

    1) I don’t believe the idiot GB or anyone in the writing department has a clue as to how those Dubs died, or their medical history. Were they like many Dubs, obese, closet alcoholics, on Big Pharma’s pain meds and unhealthy, waiting for Jesus to cure them? Where are the autopsy reports?

    2) How many Dubs have needlessly died by refusing lifesaving medical treatments in the form of blood transfusions? Don’t tell me the GB care about people dying from Covid-19, if that’s even what happened and if that number is to be believed. Since when do Dubs give accurate numbers about anything, other than what involves $$$?

    The mouthpiece of God is living in fear because they are brainwashed by “Satanic” Media who can’t be trusted under normal circumstances. So much so that are pressuring Dubbies to get the MRNA jabs as part of the ongoing, real-time experiment. If there ever was a time to be “Anti-Vax” wouldn’t it be now? We are in the last of the last of the last days and the Merchants, Kings, and Babylon The Great ( RCC ) are uniting to push a Genetic Therapy into your created body, all the while shitting on Jeehoober’s creation (Natural, non-patented compounds) and making synthetic versions to make Trillions.

    Where is your faith GB????


  • Terry

    Watching JW TV is like watching Barney the Dinosaur kid show.
    The GB members seem well below average on every count - which in itself is not condemning them - but - the clownish forced sincerity gnaws at my sense of decorum.
    Full of themselves? Well, I can't read minds but they're sure full of something.

  • cyberjesus

    One wonders why would Gawd decide to give the old light about not getting the vacc'ns, then its your personal matter till now almost obligatory..

    I sense some confusion on the deity.

  • Vidiot
    Terry..."Watching JW TV is like watching Barney the Dinosaur kid show... The GB members seem well below average on every count - which in itself is not condemning them - but - the clownish forced sincerity gnaws at my sense of decorum..."

    Holy shit, I know, right?

    Letto the Clown's the most egregious example, IMO... he's like a freaky mashup of Marshall Applewhite and Mr. Rogers.

    I swear, the rest of the GB could plunk him down to host a Org-centric kid's show on JWTV, and the guy probably wouldn't even have a clue that it was FOR kids.

    And don't even get me started on Anthony Morris the Turd, AKA Top-shelf Tony, AKA Spanky McTightypants.

    The best picture I've ever seen of him was taken with a smiling African-American JW boy...

    ...with the crooked grin and the straw boater hat, he looked like a drunken southern mayor stuck in the early 1960s, but trying to appeal to the "colored" demographic.


    Seriously, though, I honestly think JW Broadcasting has been the absolute best thing for everyone.

    The GB absolutely love being televangelists...

    ...and the XJW community's assertions that they were no better than televangelists has been proven true beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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