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  • sir82

    Lots of good comments already about the content of Saturday's AGM broadcast.

    I just thought I'd add my (trivial!) comments about the Magnificent 7:

    -- Loesch - Was he intentionally trying to be boring? If so he succeeded beyond his wildest aspirations. If you missed it, imagine Elmer Fudd reading aloud the instruction manual for a nuclear power plant. Loesch appeared to not give the slightest $#!+ about the laundry list of buildings he was reading word for word from his paper. He might not have even understood what he was saying, by the looks of things. He glanced up at the audience, what, maybe 6 times during the entire talk?

    -- Lett - others have commented on the 73 eyebrow wiggles - I suspect that's an undercount. The other thing that got me - what on earth color makeup was he sporting? It was apparently whatever fake-tan spray that Trump uses. He looked orange. The funniest thing was that apparently he was squinting when they applied it, so when he went to his bug-eyed look (73 times!), there were rings of normal-flesh-color around his eyes. He looked like a demented raccoon.

    -- Morris - He still hasn't learned, or doesn't care to learn, how to disguise his contempt and loathing for other people. His whole talk was little more than an extended sneer at JWs, non-JWs, pretty much anybody not named "Morris III".

    -- Splane - he seems to imagine himself the "scholar" of the bunch. That's a pretty low bar to begin with. He presented the folderol about "Ezekiel's temple" as if it were a proposition from Wittgenstein, and seemed to be smirking at his own cleverness about presenting this "deep" subject to the ignorant masses.

    -- The other 3 guys - immediately forgettable.

  • cofty

    It was a mistake to let the masses see behind the curtain.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Re: Lett turning orange - he always reminded me of Marshall Applewhite (of heaven's gate mass suicide fame) with his facial ticks. It sounds like he's trying to hit a color match now too.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I had to look away when Lett was on the screen for fear of bursting into hysterical laughter. That was such a boring program. Jackson came off the best as the host err chairman of this snore fest.

    Also, that culty choir before it started was really weird. I know lots of religions have a choir and that's fine. But, I guess the expressions on their faces were so creepy with forced smiles and why were they holding the largest songbooks I've ever seen. Its one crappy song, can't you memorize it? It's a surreal experience being PIMO. Stuff that you never see when you are a true believer makes you very uncomfortable.

    One last thing, the "interview" with the boys on the project committee. Of course, it was all BS, but I thought overall that came off fairly well. But, the story about the wife that was hit by a car while her husband was changing a tire on the way to the airport to work on the project was over the top. Let me get this straight, Jehovah's hand was all over this project to build some buildings but he couldn't be bothered to have this poor lady take 5 steps away from the highway or the driver to get off their cell phone or whatever caused them to drift over to keep her alive? GTFOH. Yet, the husband deciding to come to Warwick despite his wife getting killed was a blessing to him? Jesus, he was probably in such shock and yeah maybe doing something like that took his mind off what just happened, but that was such an insensitive and callous remark that it really pissed me off.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @OneEyedJoe Lol. Stephen Lett is like Tang. He's dry and orange and nobody's given a f*ck about him since 1968.

  • pale.emperor

    Where can one watch the AGM online? Is it on JW board-casting or a YouTube channel?

  • Giordano

    Sir82 thank you for a brilliant round up of the AGM. This sounded like a laugh a minute experience if the leadership wasn't so cockeyed.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I will say that, when I resigned as an elder, I used some scripture about how I was supposed to "know" the anointed in order to preach and teach their doctrine. I said that the only anointed I know anything about is the Governing Body and I barely know their names. Well, that certainly has changed for any elders and anyone else who cares to know these guys. They have managed to be in front of the flock like the other cult leaders of the world. But it hasn't made them look wise and caring, it has really made them look clownish.

    But the flock was conditioned so much to appreciate the great and powerful GB so much before they saw the men behind the curtain. So it probably makes little difference to them.

    I love the term "Magnificent 7."

  • sir82


    LOL. Sorry Sister Lett.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    Spot on impressions of the speakers!

    Sorry Sister Lett

    You had me LOL 😂

    As for Loesch, he ALWAYS gives talks like that. Just look at any talk of his from Gilead, Annual Meetings etc. and it's always a hodgepodge of quotes facts and figures from Watch Tower publications. Copy paste research, just like a rank and file would do. I think he's the least cunning of the bunch, and somehow just happened to get on the GB. Probably follows the lead of Splane and Morris despite being the senior GB member. Morris, yep, he's as opinionated and cantankerous as they come. And as for Splane, he's probably got Fred Franz's picture in his locker.

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