This is why the Elders should always call the WT society or personal attorney before ever talking to the Police.

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  • StoneWall

    This is probably going to unnerve some on here or make them uncomfortable.
    We always hear, why didn't the Elders call the cops first instead of the WT Society (Lawyers/Attorneys). in cases of child molestation or other incidents.
    This video is why and if you're smart you'll follow their example.
    I'm not taking the WTBTS side on this just so you know in advance because I do not agree with the two witness rule at all.
    But be that as it may,this is by far the best lawyer/attorney and law professor I've ever heard on the subject of why you should never talk to the police and always let an investigation be made through counsel.
    This is why in the USA you have the right to remain silent when talking to police/authorities but even more important what the fifth amendment really entails and why it would behoove us all to understand what can happen even if you are totally innocent and have nothing to hide but how things can go horribly wrong.
    If I ever have to go to court for anything I can only hope that I got a lawyer as competent as this one
    The vid is approx 46 minutes long but well worth investing that time because if you had to talk to a lawyer it would cost you a lot to receive what this professor covers in this.The majority is from the law professor and the remaining minutes are of a former police captain/investigator with his insights and opinions.
    And just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that the Elders not call the police because they should in cases of child molestation but rather they better get legal advice to protect themselves so that they don't have to answer for the WTBTS decisions.
    Look how many former (ex) Elders we have on sites like this one and others and I'm so happy they got free of the WT but also they didn't get in trouble by accidentally saying/doing the wrong thing.
    All of us can benefit by following this advice in the video and i hope you enjoy it and to know what your rights are

  • Chook

    My son has had crooked charges twice dropped by prosecutors because we have a family policy not to talk to police. No comment has to be inculcated in the kids. Police are not there to help , they are there to enforce law with a gun on their hip. Stupid Australian women in US rang police and got shot by cops.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    All J.W.'s should take this video to heart, and never discuss any aspects of their private lives with elders.

    They should also "never go beyond what is written" and confess anything to such men.

  • slimboyfat

    It's a good video, and quite amusing, especially when the lawyer shouts at the audience not to answer the policeman's questions.

    It's been posted and discussed on this forum before and it's been pointed out that the same right to remain silent doesn't necessarily exist in the UK or other countries as it does in the US.

    But as a general principle it is always better not to say anything much in any sort of situation and to wait and see what the other person says instead. Not just with police, or with elders, but anyone. Listening carefully is always a better strategy than talking too much.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    There is quite a difference between reporting a crime to the police without any legal assistance at all, and doing completely nothing because corporate policy tells to cover it up.

    And Watchtower legal dept. would throw individual elders under the bus if that would mean less liability for Watchtower. Given the restructuring of the process on appointing pioneers, elders and managing congregations WT already have shown they like to put the legal liability on individual JW slaves.

    Therefore any elder involved in either reporting or covering up a crime should have personal legal representation that doesn't serve Watchtower interest first.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I would have put my hand up even tho clearly innocent and nowhere near the crime scene as I am in UK but on that premise could be found guilty of a crime I did not commit.

    The second guy talking about the Police brutality overseas he thinks goes on but that is not allowed in USA seems blissfully unaware of all the trigger happy Police we hear about or perhaps he excludes shooting and killing innocent (until proven otherwise in a court of law) citizens as a form of Police brutality and means just beatings alone.

  • zeb

    "Australian woman in US rang police and got shot by cops." .. has there been any investigation as to what happened?

    In Australia it is a norm to approach the Police here.

    But an interesting posting and I see all the more why Elders "Judicial" Committees are designed with pre supposed guilt, in an imposing surround of the kh with no moral support for the offender with no recording either and all to screw some poor soul. Unless that offender is a devious person reported for some evil deed against a minor then he can bullshit his way out of it. Perhaps the title should be don't ever talk to the elders...

  • Diogenesister
    Stupid Australian women in US rang police and got shot by cops.

    Chook I appreciate your sentiments, but I don't think you can call this poor women stupid. She thought an assault was taking place and she did the neighborly thing, what I have certainly been trained since childhood to do, call the police. I live in the UK where these days most cops are there to help their community and no policemen can carry firearms without extensive training and psychological testing.

  • truth_b_known

    I watched a little over 15 minutes of this video before I stopped.

    I have worked in the criminal justice system here in the United States for a little over 17 years with the last 8 directly in the criminal courts system. Based on my training, education, and experience here is my take on this video -

    The title seems disingenuous, but I give the speaker the benefit of the doubt for this important reason; he has only been a criminal defense attorney. There are a few criminal defense attorneys that have "drunk the kool-aid." They really believe that the police are out to lock everyone up and everyone is truly innocent. The speaker seems resemble that description. As a side note, if you are ever in need of a criminal defense attorney, I would look for one that has previous experience as a state's prosecutor.

    A better, more accurate title to this would be "Never Talk to the Police if you are a Suspect". I would agree with that statement. I also agree with the statement made that it has never helped a suspect's case, if he is charged, to give a statement. Yes, that statement will always be used against you. Even if it your statement is "I do not wish to make a statement."

    Lastly, this video has nothing to do with report crimes. In many states here in the U.S., it is actually a crime to fail to report a felony, which any sex crime involving children is. In my state you can be sentenced up to 1 year in the county jail for failing to report a felony.

  • StoneWall

    zeb you asked if there had been any investigation into the Australian woman that was killed by cops here in the USA. Here is a link to a CNN article with some of the latest info.
    Pay close attention to the part about the officers had body cams but neither of them were turned on.Also notice that the police are being very quiet and not to forth coming with information. This is why it's so important to use their own strategy about being silent/quiet when dealing with them , and not giving them anything other than what is required by law.

    I used to think that people that plead the fifth had something to hide but now I see why so many are doing it.
    Because even if you are innocent something you say can be turned around and used against you.

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