129 Passangers Sucked from Plane

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  • Satanus

    Robert mugabe's econo paratroopers (no shutes). Ya, i know, i'm sick.


  • Reborn2002

    Nathan Natas said it would take 35 seconds to go from 7000 feet to 0 feet. Sitting looking at your clock and watching 35 seconds tick by imagining that while in that time frame you are knowingly falling to your death is an unimaginablly horrible scenario.

    That 35 seconds had to feel like an entire lifetime. Contemplating what those poor people were thinking or feeling in their last moments is sickening.

    I never liked to fly anyway... this only gives me more reason to hate boarding a plane.

  • gitasatsangha


    Robert mugabe's econo paratroopers (no shutes).

    I feel bad about it, but LMAO. Seriously though, its a shame they weren't at high altitude when it happened. They might have mercifully passed out quickly.

  • freedom96

    There are reports that the plane was actually at 33,000 feet.

    Can you imagine someone falling out and saying "What the f***! This only happens in the movies!"

  • SpunkyChick

    Here's another reason I'm happy I'm not a flight attendant anymore!!

  • worldlygirl

    The story I read also said 33,000 feet. I don't mean to be heartless, but I had to laugh when I read the first paragraph. It described the event, then said " . . . all are feared dead." - - FEARED DEAD???!!! I'm no scientist, but if they were sucked out of a plane at 33,000 feet, I think it is pretty safe to go ahead and declare that they did not survive the fall.

  • Francois

    Curious Mind before I publish another review of a news story, I'll be sure and check with you first. Do you happen to know how fast the plane was going at the time? Remember venturi effect? There IS a delta-vee in that equation you know - for speed.


  • RunningMan

    I'll bet that on the way down, some smart ass told the joke about the guy who was complaining about being up in the air in a rundown old plane. His partner replied, "Well, it's better than being up here without it."

  • gitasatsangha

    At 33,000 feet they were unconscious within seconds.

  • Satanus

    Hello, tvland people. A commentary about zimbabwe on what doesn't get much coverage. Zimbabwe's standard of living was going up, the economy was good, it was starting to export. A big part of the reason for this was the huge farms owned by white people. They produced basically the food for the whole country, and also a lot of jobs. A few yrs ago, robert mugabe had the brilliant idea of passing ownership of these profitable farms to his thugs, called veterans back then.

    Naturally, this process was zealously prosecuted by his 'soldiers'. With govt backing, they often attacked, raped, tortured or killed farm owners and workers. These soldiers had little knowledge of how large farms work, or realization of the amount of planning and work that goes into maintaining them. Often the household goods were pillaged, cars, trucks and equipment was damaged or destroyed. The govt program destroyed the farms. The workers were thrown out of work, the white x-owners either left the country or sometimes ended up living on the streets. After a few yrs of this, the economy is nosediving and famine is stalking the country.

    Are robert mugabe and his govt stupid, or what? It's kind of like someone cutting off their own legs at the knees. Hence my lack of sympathy for a few soldiers that were planted from 30,000 feet. They and their families may have been going to occupy other white peoples' farms, for all we know. Racist bastard govt. Talk about a regime that needs changing!


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