People cannot be controlled without their permission

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  • Litebriterstill
    Joel- That is quite a blanket statement. Although it is probably true, some of us were raised in very disfunctional homes and had to learn simply everything over the right way (for ourself ). After being raised a Catholic, I visited every Christian Church looking for that one truth to raise my kids. (exausting)
    Unfortunatly, many as they learned, married other disfunctional people and had kids. Then, looking to take refuge in the one true God talked about in Ephesians...wala JW.. They kept us so busy in the work and with publications that extra reading fell away.
    I have appologized to my kids for the forced talks and door to door activity I hated myself. I was against many things in the many years we belonged and wrote the society. They wrote back cold and calloused. They tried to shut me up by way of my husband who replied that he agreed with me and furthermore, hoped I would step away from the group. As for our household, we all left the JW..

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