I heard a knock on the door, and...

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  • rebel8

    ..."We are"--at this point I began shaking my head no--"stopping by to share a scripture."

    She had the wt and bible in her hand.

    "Please do not come to this house ever again."

    "OK we will put you on the do not call list. Thank you."

    <shuts door>


    Do you feel a need or desire to help or talk to cultists for any reason? In most cases, I don't.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I kept quiet when it was an elderly lady at my door that I knew had been a JW all her life. I have also passed street witnesses with mixed results.

    I passed one at the supermarket and simply told him, in his language: "Your religion is false". That was as much as I wanted to tell him. Another one was in a wheelchair and my pity for him kept me from saying much.

    I have yet to be aggressive (in a polite manner) with anyone. I keep telling myself that I should say something of substance but I'm a non-confrontational person at heart. Damn!

  • millie210

    I never say anything because of the fact that when I was "in" when people said things to me it didnt make a dent.

    No matter what they said I had a wall up that discredited anything they said. Anything.

    So I guess I just go situation by situation now, is the best way to describe it.

    The least I do is just walk by.

    The most I have said is " I am a JW but have backed away and cannot support the current direction they are headed in."

    I am non confrontational too - damn also! LOL


    I heard a knock on the door, and...

    ......Felt a Serious Pain Right Here..

    .......Image result for Pain in the ass........Image result for jehovahs witness at door

  • GrreatTeacher

    The only time I see them is before the memorial when they deliver the invite. It's usually two sweet old ladies and I just smile and take the invite and say, "Thank you!"

    They're just too sweet and friendly and elderly to bother them. I just let it go.

  • smiddy

    For me it all depends upon what mood I`m in at the time.Not that they ever call that often.


  • jerryjax99

    I have yet to encounter some at my door. I usually just have tracts in the door when I get home that get tossed. I would just tell them about the news articles I read and get their reaction that way.

  • talesin

    Right on, rebel8. This was my last encounter.

    "You are Jehovah's Witnesses, right?"


    "You are not welcome here. DON'T come back." *shuts door*

    Then, I called the KH and left a msg. with my address and requested a DNC note on the territory card. They didn't come back.

    If I decide to confront or have any discourse with them, it will be at their KH or trolley. My home is my sanctuary, no JWS allowed.

  • Xanthippe
    They were in my street about two weeks ago and I awaited the knock but they passed my by. I am obviously too evil and frightening for them. I wouldn't mind a chat with them. I wish someone had tried to help me. I'm not sure that I was beyond help, beyond reason. Actually there was a guy who my husband met in FS, we went back to see him. He was a philosophy professor. Some of the things he was saying were making me think and the cognitive dissonance hit in because I remember feeling physically ill. I think he could have got through to me eventually.
  • jookbeard
    I'd love them to call , I've not been called on for almost 20 years, I never give up the chance of an anti witness

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