1914 is the Key !

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  • Ding

    Over the years, I've come to realize that things that were really significant to me don't affect some JWs at all, whereas some things that didn't phase me in the slightest were the very things that caused others to head out the door.

    A lot of JWs won't talk about 1914 or 1919 because they don't really care about that.

    Because of its theological significance, they should care, but they don't.

    They won't even discuss the 1975 fiasco because to them it's all ancient history even if they lived through it.

    They are far more affected by their favorite issues, be it no trinity, no war, no flag salute, no politics, no consciousness after death, no hellfire, no blood, no collections at meetings, no crosses, preaching the good news of the kingdom door-to-door, the name Jehovah, Armageddon, enduring faithful to the end... whatever.

    Some JWs believe it's "the truth" simply because that phrase is used over and over again in all the mags and meetings.

    I believe that if we're going to help others to see TTATT, we need to listen a lot and find out and focus on what's really important to them rather than emphasizing the things that we think SHOULD be important to them.

  • undercover
    Some JWs believe it's "the truth" simply because that phrase is used over and over again in all the mags and meetings.

    Because they aren't intellectually honest enough with themselves to prove their own faith to themselves. It's been drummed in their heads for so long, that they just accept whatever is disseminated from the platform or literature as gospel, and never give thought to any other options.

    They have no interest in knowledge or truth. It's easier to show up at a KH, and have the shit shoveled for you.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    So, what has that Old Devil done since 1914, 103 years ago ?
    Well, he has brought a huge percentage of the World's people out of poverty and hunger, many diseases, physical and mental, have been cured, or alleviated, life expectancy gets longer and longer, no major war affecting the whole world has occurred since 1945, despite Trump work is beginning on Climate Change and many other aspects of the Environment.

    Considering that most people only turn to religion when they are miserable and hopeless, I actually find this to be reasonable. If I were Satan, it's exactly what I would do.

    But all fun aside, I don't see how anyone is going to refute an event that the Watchtower describes as "an invisible return". How can anyone prove that Jehovah didn't hand his scepter to Jesus back 1914? Do we have a telescope powerful enough to peer into Heaven? It seems to me that Russell's teapot is more vulnerable than the 1914 doctrine.

  • btlc

    I usually ask a few simple questions: Who is The White Horseman? - Jesus Christ, they said. When he went out conquering? 1914. When exactly? October 1914. OK, who is The Fiery-colored horse? A global war. When it started? 1914. When exactly? July 1914. So, 2nd horseman came out a couple of months prior to 1st one? (silence)

  • Chook

    Ask JWs how many return visits were born before 1914 , even if we move goal posts to 1922 millions now living will never die, guess what nearly all dead.

  • M*A*S*H

    IMHO 1914 is not really the key to anything. The cognitive dissonance required to be a JW will overcome a change to the 1914 date, a gradual fading of the importance of the date or even a simple restating the date as 'around the year 1914'. I feel like we have a new generation of JWs less interested in biblical numerology or at least the borg seem to be de-emphasising its importance.

    When the first change to the "generations" understanding came out... for the first time in my life I looked forward to the Sunday Watchtower discussion. In my mind there would be uproar, chairs thrown and a mass walk out. Not so much as a whimper

    I have had a couple of discussions with Apathy Trolley Minders and noticed a lack of ability or perhaps willingness to discuss doctrine, rather they would rather 'let the literature do the talking'. Would others agree with this, I would be interested!?

  • Phizzy

    I have to disagree with your first point, 1914 is still the key, though JW's today have been moved along by the clever words of the JW Org writers, and JW's do not think it is vital. They think "Well even if 1914 is not spot on, we are in the Time of the End anyway".

    The point is, (made above in a Post), that the "prophecy" of the 4 Horseman, and the other End Times stuff, could have applied far better to periods in the Past, and may well to periods in the future, so why tie the End Times to 1914 ?

    If we really can undermine 1914 for JW's, and it should be easy, they have NOTHING to support their "Paradise Soon" message.

    I agree that JW's today will not truly discuss, or think for themselves. So we have an uphill struggle to prise open, or more likely crowbar open, the closed minds.

  • Steel

    Being a jw simply revolves around a belief that they were the only ones to recognize the invisible return of Jesus Christ in 1914 and how they picked as the only true Christians in 1919.

    It's really quite simple to show them what Charles Taze Russell didn't teach anything remotely close to what the WTS teaches today and how obvious it is they cooked the books to arrive at the understanding. Especially how they changed the understanding of a generation to make it fit together.

    I know to the vast majority it's a social club and they don't care but it is the single most easy way to show the dishonest factor.

    Once that seed is planted.

  • Finkelstein

    1914 and the WTS will always be a fabricated fictional story, inherently devised more for the commercialization of literature than inspired biblical and supported truth.

    ...... but shush don't tell the JWS that.

  • smiddy

    How does Jesus being made King in 1914 sit with Satan as the God of this system of things when Jehovah appointed the superior authorities to law and order among the population .

    And Christians are to be in subjection to them because its Gods arrangement. Rom.:ch.13

    Not only do JW`s speak out of both sides of their mouth apparently the Bible does also.

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