1914 is the Key !

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  • Phizzy

    I thought this deserved its own Topic. It is a thought that occurred to me as I read the WT rag that I took to be polite.

    It is the Public one about the 4 Horseman, and it struck me that they are still 100% reliant on their false 1914 doctrine to hang everything on.

    If 1914 is proved wrong, what can the credibility of their Doomsday message hang on ?

    We all know how to disprove the old 2520 years nonsense, but they seem to at last be hiding that, and simply claiming that World Events prove Jesus slung the Devil out of heaven in 1914.

    So, what has that Old Devil done since 1914, 103 years ago ?

    Well, he has brought a huge percentage of the World's people out of poverty and hunger, many diseases, physical and mental, have been cured, or alleviated, life expectancy gets longer and longer, no major war affecting the whole world has occurred since 1945, despite Trump work is beginning on Climate Change and many other aspects of the Environment.

    You can probably think of more "happy news". Yes, there are terror attacks and many problems to solve, but so far the Devil has proved a far better "king" than Jesus since 1914.

    Old Nick gets my vote.

  • sir82

    If you try to "defeat" JWs by arguing about 1914, you will lose. Every....single....time.

    JWs have an emotional attachment to their religion. You can argue with impeccable logic and utterly perfect reasoning with irrefutable evidence, and the JW will simply dig in their heels more firmly, muttering about how you are an "apostate".

  • StephaneLaliberte

    If you say: Things are actually better for humans than ever before:

    Of course!Satan is an angle of light and will try to make it seem like everything is getting better to deceive people. We are living the last days!

    If you say: Things are worst than ever!

    Of Course! Satan has been released and is doing bad things knowing he only has a short time remaining. We are living the last days!

  • zeb


    "The Gentile Times Reconsidered." x Olof Jonnson.

    This guy went into some very exacting research and this account also shows what the wts will do when confronted by a challenge to their most 'sacred' beliefs.

  • dogon

    You can not win by logic with a JW. You may as well try to tell a heavens gate devote that there is no mother ship in the Halebop comet. Its like being an alcoholic, one has to admit it themselves.

  • scratchme1010

    You can probably think of more "happy news". Yes, there are terror attacks and many problems to solve, but so far the Devil has proved a far better "king" than Jesus since 1914.

    The one thing that I would point out, aside from I agreeing with you 100% in all your points, is that as you state in the part that I quoted, the reality of life is that it never is in black and white. Never, not once during the history of humanity have everything been all great or all bad for the entire human race.

    We're always going to have a problem to solve and issue that emerge and never will have a satisfactory answer for everything, AND WE SHOULDN'T.

  • jws

    I pretended to be an interested person a few years back when one knocked at my door and even had a study with a JW. Even went to a few meetings and bookstudies.

    Probably just for the curiosity and reliving horrible childhood memories. But nobody knew me here and I was hoping to de-convert the guy.

    He liked my scholarship. I never used JW books, just history books and the bible. He started to agree with me that they may be wrong. And brought me to an elder to see if he could better explain 1914. I had an argument with an elder! (I'm so proud of that - when I was in, you'd never openly argue). I questioned his intelligence if he couldn't see how wrong he was.

    How there were things like the rebuilding of the temple where they were commemorating the overthrow of the temple for the past 70 years. When was the temple rebuilt? And when was 70 years prior? Also arguing about how there is more than one 70 year period. "When 70 years is completed, I will punish the king of Babylon". You admit the king of Babylon was killed in 539 BC. Yet you say the 70 years is complete 2 years later? Scripture says 70 years is complete. THEN the king is punished. You guys don't believe in an afterlife, so how can the king of Babylon be punished 2 years after he died? I basically said something to the effect that the guy had no critical thinking skills and was basically unqualified to be talking on the subject. And since I was some random householder, he had no authority over me. He had to take it. It felt AWESOME!

    I've had further contacts with JWs. I mentioned the guy who used to come around and heard he no longer comes to meetings. I'm happy for him. I hope I had a part to play in that. For all of those years trying to convert people, if I converted one out, I'm happy.

  • Ding

    You can not win by logic with a JW.

    I think there are two extremes to avoid.

    One extreme is thinking that waking a JW up is simply a matter of logic and evidence. To the contrary, the thought control and emotional triggers of the WT are very significant barriers. Sometimes they can be overcome, sometimes not.

    The other extreme is believing that logic and evidence never have an effect on JWs. Many people on this forum came out in large part because of the evidence and reasoning contained in books like Ray Franz's Crisis of Conscience, Don Cameron's Captives of a Concept, Carl Olof Jonnson's The Gentile Times Reconsidered, David Reed's Jehovah's Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse, Leonard and Marjorie Chretien's Witnesses of Jehovah, and Randy Watters' Thus Saith the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Londo111

    Indeed. 1914 is the key to the entire theology. That mountains of evidence that prove 587 BC as opposed to 607 blow the 2520 year equation out the water. The improving world conditions show these have been the best time humanity has ever had...whatever problems there are, in the past, prior to the 20th century, they were a whole lot worse. People in the middle ages had a better case for being in the last days.

    Of course, without 1914, the year 1919 becomes insignificant as well. And it deals a huge blow to the idea that Jesus appointed the leaders of the Watchtower as his "faithful slave". The Governing Body's claim to authority is rendered meaningless.

  • TheWonderofYou
    but so far the Devil has proved a far better "king" than Jesus since 1914

    How is the old Devil any king of the world since 1914 or ruling anything if ACTUALLY Christ Jesus is king of the world ? Are there two kings performing gods kingdom administration? That so banal.

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