Muslims vs. JWs as friends

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  • Simon

    Yes, they believe that people who don't accept their poorly and unenthusiastically presented offer of a watchtower have somehow made a choice and will be judged by Jehovah for rejecting the life-saving message ... death!

    I don't think most JWs believed it. If you really did you wouldn't be so half-hearted in the preaching as most are.

  • pbrow

    Lesson learned at 15, when these types of life lessons should happen. Mine happened at 30.

    She is way ahead of the curve!!!



  • naazira
    It is more common to find a Muslim that exercises independent thinking, than in the JW community. Thank G-d, the watchtower hasn't turned the witnesses into terrorists- yet.
  • jhine

    Nicolaou , you are right in what you say .I wasn't kidding when I posted just thinking only about my world where no one I know ( except for JWs ). would ever dream of shunning someone . That goes for the religious and non religious .


    You make a good point about a JW comforting someone else being shunned by another group . It could only be hoped that if that circumstance ever came about it would make the JW realise how cruel the practise is . However as I'm typing this I'm thinking that is not too likely to happen as JWs aren't allowed to be friends with non JWs .

    I am right about that aren't I ?


  • SecretSlaveClass


    If you aren't baptized and don't attend meetings, you're considered worldly and therefore bad association - so yes hardcore zombies will treat you like a disease.

    Before I decided to not be a Dub anymore there was a saying they were fond of that used to drive me nuts, "Bad association spoil useful habits". WTF is a useful habit and how does it spoil??

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    My daughter's (ex)JW friend is very upset and has cried a great deal since ending the friendship with my daughter, (info form my wife, who is still in but we are separated). My daughter has coped quite well, I am helping her to build a social support network after the witnesses, and is working well. Also my daughter has assured the friendship with the JW that my daughter will be there for her if she is needed.
    That has added to the misery, not for my daughter, maybe this heart-breaking will nudge her a little towards the exit.

    Bad Association .

    I love being Bad Association for JWs.

  • smiddy

    mimimimi ,

    When JW`s walk away from householders in the D2D work who are unresponsive or even aggressive , when they call , they do not shun them for evermore .The next time they are out on that territory they are knocking on these same peoples doors , believing the situation in there life may well have changed , and they might now be receptive to the message they bring. In other words they are not shunned .

    So apparently , in practice , once an unbaptized person no matter how old they may be , who has been attending the meetings and then decides not to go again in the foreseeable future , is shunned by all in the Congregation , even though they were never baptized .


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    I guess you summed it up correctly, a really disgusting cult.

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