Jehovah’s Witnesses – why I hate them

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  • donkey

    Hate – strong word
    I hate Jehovah’s Witnesses – pure and simple. I know HATE is a strong word and people often try to encourage one to find an alternative manner of description. I say emphatically I hate them.

    Every living family member of mine is a Jehovah’s Witness.

    QuestionDoes Donkey hate his own family then (if they are all JW’s)? Simple answer – ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

    Follow-up QuestionSo how can Donkey say he hates Jehovah’s Witnesses then, yet not hate his own family?

    A fuller explanationThe answer lies in the definition – who are Jehovah’s Witnesses? One of the largest techniques that cults and other religions use is the technique of reframing. For instance – there is no such thing in dubdom as “we screwed up and made false interperetations of scripture” instead it is “the light keeps getting brighter” or “new light”. This has the effect of subconsciously implanting into the mind of the reader or listener that there was always light in the teachings of JW’s – it has just refined itself (thus the old bullshit we told you before was still good – we just have better stuff to tell you now). This is one of the worst control methods used by cults. How is this relevant to what I am writing about? Well, another linguistic trick that the top-dogs in the cult have used is to make the average dub equate himself/herslf as part of the organization to the point that they believe there is no class distinction and that the average dub believes their belief system is logical and they are there out of choice (as a result of “accurate knowledge”).

    So I do not hate 99% of individual Jehovah’s Witnesses (whom I know – there are some jag-offs who I despise) but I hate the Jehovah’s Winess collective. I hate the organization and the effects it has on its individual members. To be totally honest I despise collectives of any kind – they are a true breeding ground for lazy thinkers.

    But Jehovah’s witnesses do more good than evil – doesn’t that make them good?I get this one all the time from family. It is a fallacious argument and I will try to show why. It comes back to the “evil” that they really are guilty of – more in a moment. JW’s love to point out to the “new personality” that has been assumed by other societal misfits who upon conversion clean-up their act and become better behaved. “See the good of the JW teachings and the effects of the teachings?”, they say. So if I was to take the same social misfits and cryogenically freeze them their acts would be cleaned up using that technique too right? Or if I incarcerated them they will clean-up their acts too (most incarcerated humans find “God”). “Well, that’s different”, JWs claim – “we don’t use a prison to do it.”

    Not so!!! JW’s use the strongest prison of all – the prison of the mind. Not only do they imprison the societal misfits they imprison the innocent too. How do they do it? They imprison the minds of the R&F by one key technique – the R&F has to be convinced that the leadership speaks for or represents God and if the R&F then member does not heed to the words of the “faithful and discreet slave” then the R&F is at risk of dying with no hope of ever experiencing the “paradise” or “new order”. If they disobey the “society” then they will be destroyed by Jesus and the angels at “Armageddon” - per the representatives of Jehovah.

    This form of mind-control is stronger than iron bars – people will die for this bullshit because they believe that if they die for their faith then they are practically guaranteed to be reunited with their loved ones in the “new order”. I know – I was willing to die for it at one point in my life. Sound similar to the promise of 70 virgins for dying for other causes?

    So I hate Jehovah’s Witnesses because the collective robs the individual R&F member with the most precious thing we as humans have – FREEDOM. In doing that the collective is truly evil and dangerous. I hope anyone reading this can figure that out…

    I am a simple ass


  • donkey

    An example of blindness because of perceived authority:

    Cialdini tells the story of a man who complained of an earache. He had an ear infection and the doctor prescribed eardrops for him. On the prescription, the doctor wrote, "Place drops in R ear." As the doctor was in a hurry, he abbreviated "Right" with R.

    Sure enough, the trained nurse obediently followed the instructions and placed the required number of drops in the patient's anus. Neither the patient nor the nurse questioned the instructions, as they came from an authority.

  • qwerty

    "That'll doooo Donkey, that'll doooo"!



  • Blueblades

    Hi DONKEY! It's been awhile ,missed you and your posts.I agree with what you wrote,my feeling exactly.

    As was mentioned in Minimus's post "Are You Bitter".Reborn,Farkel and others, including myself,responded basically the way you just posted.


  • garybuss

    Jack, You could be a Watchtower writer in your next life. What a donkey of a post. Why I hate them except I don't hate them except I do hate some of them and I do hate the collective and I don't hate my family except I hate what it does to them and If they disobey the “society” then they will be destroyed by Jesus and the angels at “Armageddon”.
    Hahahaha Bend over. I have some ear drops for you. Hahahaha

  • rocketman

    I thought the post was valid, though I'm not keen on the idea of hating any one or anything.

  • donkey

    What alternative do you offer for me to feel Rocketman?

    How do you feel?

  • Jayson

    "In doing that the collective is truly evil and dangerous."

    To honor the LORD is to hate evil;
    I hate pride and arrogance, evil ways and false words.

  • yesidid

    Your post makes sense when one keeps in mind that it was written by a donkey.

  • SYN

    I hate the stupid, dangerous doctrines, not the people.

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