Was the Bible written for the Great Crowd too? (Worship Bk ch3)

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  • cyberguy

    Hey’a Oz! Love your posts!

    Was the expression "by-way-of-extension" (as regards extending scriptures from the "anointed" to the "other sheep") used in the public talks in land-down-under as it was used in the USA? I recall this expression repeated as often as the "FDS" expression is now. Anyway, it was a way to (supposedly) make some sense of scriptures that were directly applied to the "anointed," whomever "they" may be!

  • rocketman

    From the quotes provided by Ozzie and Blondie, one can clearly see that the WTS offers no scriptural proof of their 'applies directly to the anointed, but in principle to the other sheep'. As a result, as Ozzie suggests, they have a bit of a dilemma - how to keep their two tiered system of belief/destiny while at the same time keeping the vast majority of rank and file jws in line.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Question: Was the Bible written for the "Great Crowd" too?

    Answer: YES! OF COURSE IT WAS. To say otherwise is foolishness!

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