Well Englanders, you have been warned!

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  • LV101

    Most businesses, bars, LV strip, are open here but masks must be worn. I think the younger ones will dial it back and be more cautious now - the tourists are fleeing in from California hitting the strip like the great escape - having great time and we're only in Phase 2. I'm sure the liberal governor would like to shut it all down but he'd end up in Lake Mead.

  • jhine

    I'm with Blues and Dio on this .

    What hoax ? l know people who have died from this and others who have been on ventilators and that is in a small community where people are being very good about social distancing . How is this a hoax exactly ?


  • jhine

    l see that l got a dislike , but no one has answered the question " how is this a hoax ? " Is EVERY government and even The World Health Organisation in cahoots lying to us ? That is one mother of a conspiracy .


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I think most people refer to the social distancing rules and lockdowns as a hoax. It's certainly instigated and amplified by the media, it's not properly implemented anywhere, it's certainly not having the intended effects and is making things a lot worse.

    The mask wearing thing is a complete hoax as well, if you're not properly wearing N95 masks and throwing them out every 15 minutes, the mask has the inverse effect, it's catching particles and keeping them there for you to touch and breath in later. Surgery masks are not intended to catch particles at all, it's to keep a sterile environment semi-sterile, wearing them in non-sterile environments has no effect. Wearing a scarf has no effect at all or else nobody in winter would get a cold.

    Right now the 'rise in coronavirus cases' is certainly a media hoax. It's simply referring to people that have tested positive, which you will test positive even if you had symptoms 6 months ago. People are dying exponentially less than they were before but nobody is reporting on that. So in that sense, the current coronavirus and continued lockdown threats are certainly a hoax.

    On the other hand, a lot of anti-government types believe it is a litmus test for those that do easily comply and may even turn into a shibboleth for the sort of folk that will be allowed to benefit from society and those that should be outcast.

  • jhine

    Thank you for your reply . l don't agree with all of your points but l appreciate that you clarified the ' hoax ' thinking for me .


  • Vidiot
    matt - "i will say politely: you are in thrall to the ministry of truth. your life, which has included at least aspects of basic freedom up to the rollout of this covid hoax, is changing. your indoctrination appears to be nearly complete, and as a 'snitch', you only need to report to the thought police. that will help take care of the few discontents who cling (against the best interests of all!) to their right to live their lives. 1984 becomes a living, breathing entity because you are persuaded it is for your benefit. welcome to 1984, agenda 21, agenda 2030, and beyond. the united nations loves you and will take care of you."

    Fuck, yeah!

    Sign me up for the Thought Police!

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