Letter read cong is now an association

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  • Yomama

    what does that mean?

  • Phizzy

    I think we probably need the erudite Poster Corney, or someone similarly educated in Matters Legal to explain, but I would think, as usual, it is about the $$$.

    This may well be used to try to legally sever the link between the individual Congregations and JW Org, so that in any legal action against a Congregation JW Org would not have to pay out, all liability would fall entirely upon the Congregation, and probably be borne by the Elders.

    Watch out Elders ! you could lose your life savings and your home !

  • smiddy3

    Rank & file JW`s are not employed by the WTB&TS they are just interested individuals who volunteer their services.

    Maybe that applies also to Elders and M/servants .

    The Rank& file members are probably also just classed as associates.

    As Phizzy says it`s all about the money and covering their asses .

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Ah every individual is now an associate. No longer brothers and sisters? Or if they are... not for very much longer? Huh?

    Nearly but not quite as good as when they forbade the sending of love from one cong to another with the public speaker. Their view, love comes from top-down and doesn't go sideways.

    So will they be seeking to get professional status next? That'd be funny. And very easy to framed as a privlege. And what is the oldest profession? Prostitution.

    Hey look, here as song by some Associates. I think the vocals are a bit too challenging for the average congregation, but with a bit of tweeking it could be turned into a new Kingdom Melody or they could whip out the lyrics and use it as background music for a drama.


  • Alive!

    The constant spin doctoring and legal dance stepping makes me sick.

    The cost to leave was great, we all know how it goes - we get cut off. Shunned.

    Even if we’d done nothing scripturally ‘wrong’ - in a moral sense - We found ourselves alone.

    Good friends, good people who loved us as family, felt/feel obliged to think of us as ‘dead’.... ever hoping we may return to the cult.

    I’m sorry.... But truly, it’s a Cult.


  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Yomama - Was the letter read the one from the new study book?

  • dubstepped

    It means the cult is looking for loopholes to protect assets. It's always about protecting their ass-ets. Weaseling out of some sort of responsibility I'm sure.

  • pistolpete

    JW Org would not have to pay out, all liability would fall entirely upon the Congregation, and probably be borne by the Elders.

    Actually this is a good thing! The congregation of die - hard believers share the blame for allowing the WT corporation to cover up the thousands of child sex abuse victims, the thousands of deaths because their blood doctrine, and the breakup of thousands of families due to their disfellow-shipping policy.

    It's time those who support such a dangerous organization also share in the punishments met out by the coming lawsuits.

    I guarantee that when the lawsuits starts digging into the member's individual "Pockets", then they won't be quick to tell us all who have left---------------------------------- 'ALL THOSE LAWSUITS ARE NOT TRUE, it's FAKE NEWS"

  • JWTom

    What letter are we talking about? I did not see anything on this from Petra. Reference?

    The JW Org has been doing many things to separate from the local congregations over the last 10-20 years and make them islands. Most Elders have no clue how much liability they have as individuals and that they could be sued for their decisions as Elders or as a Body of Elders. The Corporate JW Org is not going to come to the rescue when that happens. As has been discussed here in many threads....most Elders do not realize that they have been placed in a terrible situation by the Corp JW Org. If they do realize the awful situation they are in - they still do not have the courage to embrace reality and step down as Elders simply to protect themselves and their families from liability. Can you imagine as an Elder that has been a "good soldier" for Corp JW Org having to get an attorney and defend yourself in a lawsuit? The process and attorney fees could easily wreck your mental health, your finances and ruin your family.

    PS: If you are an existing JW (as I am) and you have anything that comes up related to the Body of Elders such being accused of something, some bogus counsel where they are trying to control you or really almost anything that could impact your personal life.....first response should always be....."I need to discuss this with an attorney before having any discussions with the Elders." In the vast majority of cases whatever the issue is will be dropped like a hot potato due to legal liability.

  • RickJones

    Sounds like a legal tactic by the WTS/JWorg and their lawyers to diverge themselves from liability in cases of pedophilia law suits and anything else.

    I doubt the courts will fall for this knowing the JWS elders are under control and direction by the top leaders of the JWS through its GB members and their legal representatives.

    Devious Fu....ers this lot

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