Inactive brother that on line games with fellow JWs

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  • joe134cd
    Just wanting to know if anyone knows of a similar case and what's the deal with it. I have an inactive jw acquaintance who hasn't been inside a KH for at least a couple of years. Yet the weird thing is there is a net work of jws that he dose on line gaming with. The type were you can interact and talk with the other gamers. There has never been an issue raised about this either from my acquaintance or from the witnesses gamers. I accidently opened my mouth about this to a family member who knew my acquaintance and his comments were they shouldn't be gaming with him. I sort of thought it seems weird how they will unofficially cut you off face to face but when you talking and interacting through a computer then all is good. Is it a double standard or has the GB yet to catch up with it.
  • FadeToBlack
    Do the others involved know he is an inactive JW or do they just know him as KhaleedTheAvenger? I'm also curious what type of game they are playing. Most would not meet the approval of the GB.
  • stillin
    Inactive is different from DF'd. The witnesses may be thinking that they are showing love.
  • DesirousOfChange

    I assume they are young witnesses (since they are gaming). I think most young witnesses are not fanatical in their stand on others who are "inactive" or even "DFd". Many are just going along with the Family Religion and will eventually drift away once on their own.


  • FadeToBlack
    Doc, there are lots of 'young' men in their 30's who are still very active in the online gaming community. I think for the most part, it falls into the category of don't ask/don't tell. It is an outlet for them.
  • blondie

    Good point that only da'd and df'd jws are put in the SHUN status.

    But inactive jws are seen as bad association:

    *** w68 8/1 p. 469 par. 28 Does Your Zeal Stir Up Your Brothers? ***

    Associations must be watched if one is to become zealous for Jehovah. Bad association can, not only spoil useful habits, but dampen our zeal and rob it of its fire. (1 Cor. 15:33) Associating with doubters will, not only slow one down, but even destroy a believing mind. How often “fair weather” Christians discourage those with good intentions from going to Christian meetings and from the service of God on cold, hot or wet days! However, a zealous, spirited servant of God not only will persevere at times such as these, but will stir up the doubters to greater faith and the inactive to greater zeal. Does your zeal stir up your brothers in this way? It should.

    Are inactive part of the flock per the WTS:

    *** w08 11/15 p. 8 par. 2 Help Those Who Stray From the Flock ***

    2 Sadly, some who seemed to appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice and made a dedication to God no longer associate with the Christian congregation. Discouragement, health problems, or other factors may have weakened their zeal and caused them to become inactive. However, only as part of God’s flock can they enjoy the serenity and happiness that David spoke of in the 23rd Psalm. For instance, he sang: “Jehovah is my Shepherd. I shall lack nothing.” (Ps. 23:1) Those in the flock of God lack nothing in a spiritual way, but that is not the happy lot of sheep who have strayed. Who can assist them? How can aid be provided? Indeed, what can be done to help them return to the flock?

    Aren't the still part of the block the one out of the 100?

    *** km 11/87 p. 1 par. 2 Helping Inactive Ones ***

    In the past few years, additional attention has been given to assisting those who have become inactive. Overseers have the responsibility to pay attention to all the flock. (Acts 20:28)

    *** w93 7/15 p. 27 Tenderly Shepherding Jehovah’s Precious Sheep ***

    In like manner an overseer should have concern for each member of the congregation. Inactivity in the ministry or in attending Christian meetings does not mean that the sheep is no longer part of the flock. He remains part of “all the flock” for whom the elders must “render an account” to Jehovah.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I know many that would not consider playing video games online with inactive ones. It's the same as ''bad association'' or associating with pre-df'd ones. This would be the viewpoint of the over righteous ones. Actually I think it would boil down to the individual JW who is playing the video games.
  • joe134cd
    Yup they all know he's inactive.
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    1. If you are a JW playing video games on a casual or serious online basis, you are doing so on the "very down low" This is not information you want the congregation to be aware of, as it will generate much judgement and gossip. (i don't even need to elaborate)

    2. JW gamers have a separate code of ethics than the gossiping congregation. It is a covert fraternity. Disfellowshipped, disassociated and inactive are not outcast, in fact often times they are embraced.

    3. JW gamers are anonymous, and any accusations levied against them are to be met with, "deny, deny, deny"

    4. If you give up your covert position, you are by code of ethics not to give up anyone else.

    5. There are elders in their 40s that engage in the gaming community with all those mentioned above.

    6. The gaming community is not the only underground clique amongst active JWs.

    7. The gaming community where active JWs engage with former JWs is not huge. You are talking about 10-20 per circuit.

    8. Nearly every online gaming choice of active JWs would be derided by the organization and any given BOE. Thus the reason for the covert nature of the specific gaming groups.

    9. Over a 10 year period, I know personally at least a dozen active JW gamers who ultimately left the WT organization and find support with their online gamer community.

    The gamer in the opening post and his gamer friends will be fine. They know how to CYA.

  • DesirousOfChange

    FADE: Doc, there are lots of 'young' men in their 30's who are still very active in the online gaming community. I think for the most part, it falls into the category of don't ask/don't tell. It is an outlet for them.

    30's? Yep, that's what I said.............young. Like my kids. They're "young".

    I agree too about "don't ask; don't tell". There's a lot of that among those who are not the Ricky Righteous type. Gaming. Entertainment. Movies. Even porn. And let's not forget "brazen conduct". Boys will be boys.


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