Can the GB be directed by Holy Spirit and at the same time be not inspired ?

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  • Chook

    Yes god directs our writings but they're not inspired, so gods directions are staggered and overlapping , so the genuine innocent believing JW has a wonderful life of overlapping bullshit. So next time you meet a JW priest ask them what is the difference between being directed and inspired, then I promise you will hear first hand an example of overlapping bull.

  • smiddy

    Thats a good point chook ,if the GB are directed by Holy Spirit then surely they would have be inspired by God.

    Otherwise being inspired by God or being directed by God ,or being directed/inspired by the Holy Spirit makes no sense at all

    Good questions to throw at JW`s when they knock on your door.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Brother Jackson e.g. in this scene spoke (not inspired) that simply wanting to remain loyal is not enough, exclusive devotion to Jehovah means not to deviate from his principles! As if there would be no other examples for this he mentioned the situation of a woman suffering poor health. The non-inspiried words he found were:

    "Granted ....poor health may cause us great suffering, when experiences such distress we must always remember that violating Jehovah PRINICPLES is N - E -V- E - R a solution, but taking a firm stand on jehovahs side....."

    One could assume that he speaks of not resigning from faith in this situation of suffering caused by the long suffering. His (non inspired) words are twisted.

    But be careful, he wants to use the woman's poor health for showing that it it not enough to remain in faith, but even to be no-holds-barred prepared to decide against her own life saving therapy.

    For Jackson it is not enough not to resign from faith in poor health ,Jackson awaits from that the woman exclusive devotion to Jehovahs PRINCIPLES.

    As he is a weasel trained by his law office (not spirit-directed but law office directed) he doesnt speak out such an extrem demand publicly over TV for what he could be held accountable, but better lets the slaving WTS creative department insert a background image as propganda tool which shows how the already poor woman avoids a bloodbag to be connected to her. In this situation she needs to pray not only to remain a believer at all but to resist also the seduction of this uncooperative wordly doctor who insists on that blood bag which could save her life.

    So he (not inspired) let us believe that a sick person has to be ready to give up his life and avoid a life-saving therapy, while the WTS- creative department (not spirit-directed) inserts a foto to provoke a certain necessity of obidience, pressure and fear.

    Why does he not say it forthright with his mouth that he is not inspired nor directed o say such things in the name of God. Why does he not say that each one should decide free without fear or necessity of obidience.

  • stuckinarut2

    As I calmly said to my father in law recently, "doesn't the bible say that Jehovah is the same always, a rock that never changes. One who is the epitome of truth? Then why would he purposefully give false information to his people, just so he can change it at a later time? Was he just having a bad day?"

    Or, could it just be that the GB is full of crap and is not gods "spirit directed channel"? (that's what I wanted to say but decided against it)

  • Annon

    Well said Chook. They talk about theocracy meaning ruled by God, but the dictionary definition of theocracy means ruled by priests, and that pretty much means people who often think they are superior to others making up whatever they want, and saying that the instructions come straight from God.

    No supporting evidence required!

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Yes. "Guided" by Holy Spirit. "Directed" by it. Yet "not inspired" by it. That's like saying this computer I'm typing on is running on electricity, even though it's NOT PLUGGED IN and never has been. All I'd be left with is a dead computer collecting dust. To suggest that there's a spark of electricity running through it (ie, "Holy Spirit directed") would be blatant lunacy. The blank screen (WT's empty prophecies) speaks volumes for itself.

  • scratchme1010

    So next time you meet a JW priest ask them what is the difference between being directed and inspired, then I promise you will hear first hand an example of overlapping bull.

    Nah, too much work. I just tell them to fuck off.

  • waton

    Think of Jonah strutting in the streets of Nineveh.

  • truth_b_known

    In short - no.

    The other reality is that either the Holy Spirit is with your or it isn't. You can tell if it is because you are displaying the fruitages of the Spirit.

    Even when I was in, I would laugh when I would here people talking about working on one of the 9 fruitages of the Spirit. That's like a real tree saying to itself: "I think I will grow oranges this week."

    Either you have all 9 or you have none.

    Can the GB be directed by Holy Spirit and at the same time be not inspired ?

    It Makes Perfect Sense.

    If You`re "WatchTarded".

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