What alcoholic drinks do you like?

by JH 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • azaria

    I don’t drink much alcohol. I usually drink tea. But I do enjoy wine, ameretto straight, sometimes white rum & orange juice,and when it’s really hot (the weather) I like a very cold Molsons Canadian or Labatts Blue. In Mexico I really enjoyed Carona (can’t remember how to spell it) I don’t know how Europeans can drink that dark, warm stuff. RazorBlade: Bloody Caesars! they are so good-forgot about that. When I was young and foolish I sometimes drank Black Russians.

  • unique1

    Blue Motorcycles, Long Island Ice Tea, Bay Breeze, Pina Colodas, bahama Mama's, Hurricane. Basically anything w/o banana flavoring.

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