What alcoholic drinks do you like?

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  • JH

    NIce to see you Beck

  • Reborn2002

    • Corona
    • Heineken
    • Vodka (regular kind, of any variety)
    • Vanilla Absolut Vodka
    • Amaretto Sour
    • Margarita
    • Strawberry Daiquiri
    • Pina Colada
    • Long Island Ice Tea
    • Mike's Hard Lemonade
    • Zima
    • Roman Coke
    • Martini

    Yes, I like alcohol, and am willing to try many varieties. Believe it or not I only drink socially and maybe once or twice every two months or so. The above is an accumulation of trying various things over a period of a few years. The idea of drinking so much so as to induce damage to the liver (cirrhosis sp?) and spend my evenings nauseated, vomiting, and sweating profusely is not something I find appealing.

  • pr_capone

    Rum and Coke - MUST be Bacardi rum though

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • riz

    what alcoholic drinks don't I like?

  • JH

    *Startin' his fourth beer* and runnin' out of posts. Who knows, I might become JH2 soon.

  • Soledad

    I like Corona w/lime. anyone ever try Pisco sour? it's a very good cocktail made at peruvian restaurants. I believe its made with egg whites, sugar, lime juice, triple sec, a shot of tequila and obviously Pisco (a typical Chilean/Peruvian spirit)

    other than that I like sex on the beach, cosmopolitans, apple martinis and kamikazes. I only go out with "the girls" to drink at most 2 or 3 times a year. I have yet to experience being drunk, but I wouldn't want to. with the way my hubby handles, or rather non-handles liqour, well, I think you all get my point It not something I would want to look forward to on a weekly basis.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    The last time I got drunk I had to sit on a donut cushion for a few days afterwards

    *giving JH a 'high five' before he runs out of posts*


  • SheilaM

    Thunder loves Guiness and now he drinks alot of O'douls

    For me I don't drink much if I do I like Bloody Mary's or anything Rasberry but I find alchol makes me bloat and I feel like shit so I tend to be a tea totaler

  • JH

    Thanks Beck

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    why must there be a limit

    WHY do you get so many huh huh??
    Cause, I'm a blabbermouth.
  • SheilaM

    WHY do you get so many huh huh??

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