'New Light' (new U.N. letter released) by DocBob

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  • MacHislopp

    Hello sf,

    thanks for the posting of the letter, and a very recent one indeed !!

    As I was among those who contributed from the beginning about the

    important post: WTBS, NGO, and United Nations I'm still pleased that

    many months after, thousands and thousands more JWs, find out about

    the all affair, and this kind of letter (btw. a photocopy, would make things

    even better) is surely going to add more weight to the ...hidden affairs

    of the mighty WTBS Inc.

    Please let us know about any similar news...because in Europe too the

    'oil slick '...is getting wider and wider!

    Many thanks again,

    Greetings J.C.MacHislopp

  • sf

    Of course you are welcomed. Yet the credit goes to DocBob for getting it up on the net.

    Bob, how about a scan of the original?

    And Alan, can you scan the Watchtower '61 mag you have a thread going on? Please. Many in yahoo won't come here and some only read and are not ready to register. The scanned DOCUMENTS are a big 'tool' (help). Thanks you two.

    sKally, mooooooooooooooo klass

  • DocBob
    Bob, how about a scan of the original?

    I'll try to get to that this weekend

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