Freddy Franz, One of the smartest men of his day????

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  • Fisherman

    Never read that about FF in the "MBR." But it is true that he spoke many languages. I remember that he went to the Spanish KH -besides his fluency in other languages. It is also true that he could quote much of the Bible (Psalms for example) by memory. He did not uses notes, or rather, he did not need them for his talks but neither did NHK. Never once did I see NHK refer to his notes, or he would just give any talk without any notes even at the assembly.

    As far as the MBR, one day while I was visiting Costco, I looked at the MBR at their book section. What I read in the book was that JW had the record for receiving the tiniest blood transfusion in the world consisting of only blood fractions. I figured it out that the authors were just making fun. They also said something about the "truth book" being the 2nd most published in the world but it was also in jest.

    But the farther away from HQ the more the JW would deviate from standard. Close to HQ , the man was respected but any glorifying remarks about him to others in the presence of an elder, etc, would get a rebuke as a reply. I think that he was a brilliant man; much of the WT ground works for understanding the Bible was his thinking, I was told, but so was 1975, and the end 6000 thousand year after Adam teaching. I cannot see the MBR saying something about him though without jest, so if they mentioned him as one of the most intelligent, they probably qualified that with some joke -but you read it and you know what you read.

  • Fisherman

    gay saunas

    That is a misrepresentation. Like many others in the BH, he went to the sauna there and only there. But that does not make him gay as neither did anyone else who went make them gay either because they went. (I dont remember if the sis had their own sauna back then) Bethel had a zero tolerance for sex sins.If you got into any trouble going down to 42 second street or any other problem that you got tangled up with, you would get kicked out -no exceptions, even FF.

    FF was straight as an arrow. He was counting on the end coming at any time during his lifetime and he receiving his reward. Lot of the old timers stayed single too but they were not gay either. FF would communicate and interact but seemed to me he was detached from everything, but maybe I felt that way because of my age.

  • sparky1

    Never once did I see NHK refer to his notes.

    Just because you didn't see him doesn't mean that he didn't.

  • steve2

    One "change" with the organization's representatives nowadays:

    Less off-the-cuff commentary on what's coming up as regards the end.

    It is all strictly scripted for the last thing the organization could withstand is wildly spreading speculations that used to occur in the past - especially following a talk by a well-known brother from Brooklyn spouting off about his own ideas.

    Actuallh, currently it is an organization bereft of compelling ideas.

  • sparky1

    He (Franz) did not use notes.

    I wonder what he is looking at on his lectern? Statements like this perpetuate the man and his myth.

  • jookbeard
    that looks like Twickenham the photo on the right, I wonder what year?
  • Simon
    Freddie Franz: A Ben Carson of his day.
  • pixel

    was listed as one of the seven, most intelligent , men in the world.


  • OrphanCrow
    sparky: Statements like this perpetuate the man and his myth

    And statements about how brilliant he was.

    Predicting Armageddon in 1975 was brilliant, wasn't it? Brilliant of him to do the math on that one. Pure brilliance. Outstanding. A sign of real intelligence, for sure.

  • sparky1

    Fred Franz and Harold Camping. Blood brothers. Two old fools that loved the sound of their own voices and mistook their own personal fantasies for reality.

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