Freddy Franz, One of the smartest men of his day????

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  • DwainBowman
    Back in my teen years this story swept through jw land, that according to, The Guinness Book of Records , Freddy Franz, was listed as one of the seven, most intelligent , men in the world. Dose anyone else remember this? I remember trying to look it up, but never found anything in print, and iI point that out once or twice , and was told a co, had told about it, and he wouldn't lie!
  • Simon

    Only if everyone else on the planet took that day off.

    It sounds very like a JW myth that is big on claims and like all of their utterances, short on facts and confirmable evidence.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    I remember being told that he knew the entire Bible, completely memorized!


  • jookbeard
    there was a lot of myths about his so called brilliance, university educated , multi lingual including Hebrew, including being an actual scholar in Hebrew, some incredible skill of recollection hence the non requirement that he needed outlines for talks, the simple fact was that none of the above was really true, an eccentric sexual deviant and an ego maniac and a liar during the Douglas Walsh trial, are the things that stand out to me now, some legacy.
  • Landy
    How would the Guinness book measure intelligence?

    Back in my teen years this story swept through jw land, that according to, The Guinness Book of Records , Freddy Franz, was listed as one of the seven, most intelligent , men in the world.

    ............I Talk to My Shoes..

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    LOL! Outlaw beat me to it!!!


  • Terry
  • steve2
    Looking at the ongoing fallout over his crazy interpretations of so-called Biblical timelines must lead to a re-appraisal of his intellectual functioning.
  • Terry

    Common Sense vs. Religion:

    (Guess which side is winning)

    by Chris Stevenson

    If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people– Gregory House

    Today we have reached a point where common sense is an endangered species, a scorned woman. The one entity that is giving it the worst beating is religion. Religious leaders are backing their members into a corner and forcing them to choose between the two, and common sense has been losing.

    There was a time when the Baptist Church, in particularly the black community, could be relied upon to be a launching pad for various things from slave revolts, to runaway slaves, to Civil Rights. The worst news you would hear about them is the occasional womanizing by some a some Minister. This was before the recent absurd news about a black congregation in the south wanting a pedophile Pastor so badly, that their leaders agreed to ban the children in the congregation from attending services. On the other hand, there are more strict faiths, (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, Mormons) the thing about them is how they start out insisting on playing the role of pleasure-cops, only to be revealed as pleasuring themselves at the expense of your kids. The question remains is if it’s possible to maintain a scandal-free church, much of which began during the Dark Ages? All these faiths including the black Christian Churches that originated during those times, or came during slavery or later, but adopted beliefs and practices from that era sooner or later will carry the amoral stain of sexual deviancy.

    As with most things, when present corruption comes to light, you soon begin to find certain things beginning to unravel in their history too. This scene is currently being played-out by the Jehovah’s Witnesses (now considering a name change to Jehovah’s Whistle-Blowers). Their old farm in Wallkill for years had trucks that would dump barrels of inks and waste by-products into unpermitted dump cells. Over the decades fumes and liquid would leak, contaminating the soil and streams according to an unknown JW or former JW source in a column in the Buffalo Bullet. This began during a period of great minority recruitment within the sect, blacks especially being drawn-in during the black migration from the south and just prior to the Civil Rights Movement. Blacks played a primary role in their increase in urban America back then, gaining promises of eternal assimilation with not just whites, but with wild animals too. This struck quite a contrast to racist whites in the real world-at-large.

    The men on the all-white jury known as the Governing Body devised clever ways to implant the thought in many a Witness mind that they were geniuses. Stories back in the ’70’s about one of their late-presidents, Frederick Franz being one of the top-5 smartest men in the world made their way to Witnesses and non-Witnesses across the nation. The Watchtower Society’s Bible, called the “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures” is now being scrutinized as to the 110 people it took to translate it from the King James version etc., and how all of them were said to know Greek. Investigators now say that none of them knew Greek, and Franz is the only one of them that took just one semester of Greek and did not speak Hebrew. Of course all of this news comes in the wake of reports of their own child molestation scandals that have come to light in recent years; sexual abuses that go way back in their history, and have gone unreported to the police, Sheriff’s Office, and other local law enforcement in the vicinity of their mostly white-rural congregations.

    The biggest miracle regarding the Watchtower Society is their dazzling ability to keep news of their shortcomings from really spreading, especially in comparison to disparaging stories regarding other faiths. They are experts at distractions, the most divisive religion out there with the possible exception of some Muslim sects. Nothing makes the Watchtower happier than turning friends and family against each other and people they don’t even know, over their hard-and-fast rules. That is the Apostasy scam they sold millions on. Millions now living will always lie.

    This prevents individual members from realizing their true power, and collective strength. Let’s face it, these religions are not going anywhere. 2,000 years from now the Vatican will still be laundering money, and the Watchtower Society will still be doing the things their publications accuse other faiths of doing. They’re counting the new suckers born every minute, and they can detect the sucker-gene. But while these long-tenured Churches will always be around, they can still be made to reform through their followers uniting to make their headquarters purge itself of it’s most blatant brain-dead principles. And make their houses of worship safe especially for their children. Money talks. The best way to straighten out any religious order, especially the strict and insular ones, is by its followers coming together to confront the very Churches they pay their money to, and force change by making common sense the new guideline over that of their myopic literature.


    Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, Political Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. - See more at:

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