August 2018 Study Watchtower - Some wise words for JW's to consider!

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  • javierjiminy

    My questions for the Borg:

    Borg, if I fact check the ARC, W5, Dateline NBC, the Philly Inquirer, look up multiple court documents and conclude that I am 1000% sure there is something wrong with the Borg, then I'm like the shrewd one in Proverbs and all the reports can't be coming from Satan. Why? Mark 4:22 "For there is nothing hidden that will not be exposed; nothing is carefully concealed that will not come out in the open."

    Borg, why should I trust the "few provisions with accurate information", if the information is not accurate, misleading, culty, incomplete, filled with contradictions, and not coming from any one inspired?

    Can't wait to discuss this article with people when the time comes and help them see what brainwashing really is.

  • carla

    " It is especially important to avoid websites promoted by apostates." -

    If they had any truth at all they would welcome scrutiny. A website would not be able to shake their faith.

  • joe134cd
    Although I have little regard for mormon doctrine (and even worse the history of the church). I will give them credit for having a measure of transparency, and at least writing an essay on their official Web site admitting it's unsavory past. Good for you mormon church and it's a lesson Wt could learn from.
  • steve2

    The article stresses the need for “reliable information”.

    Okay then, where on JW organization is reliable information - indeed, ANY information - on the findings of the Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry into Institutional Responses to Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse? Not one single word on it.

    At least the article warns about but does not forbid accessing apostate websites. Judging by the burgeoning Reddit ex-jw sites, I suspect younger JWs are going there in droves.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Those aprostates are turrible. They are getting bigger and pretty soon you justcain't keep ignorin' um

    It is such an evident danger that soon it might be wise to compare them with the giant evil nephilim, who tyrannized God's people in antiquity. Like apostates they seemed to be bigger and stronger as God's people. They also taught people forbidden things that sounded as if they were revealed heavenly secrets

    It is reported by unsupported facts that they were six-armed. Likewise apostates seem to interfere in all belongings of worship in the last days six-fold, ad if they had JW in their grip, mixing truth with lie so enabling exploitation of naive ones with so-called facts and fake citationsthat one can't ignore.

  • nowwhat?

    Go only to home of the prestigious telly awards!

    ( see phony telly awards)

  • dubstepped

    You know, when I first left I thought that the GB or writing committee members were probably victims too, just buying their own hype. As time went on with their deliberate misquotes and things like this it is clear to see that they are just evil. If there was a evil slave, they would be it.

    On the other hand, it makes me proud to be one such apostate through comments on sites like this, comments publicly on social media and news articles, and my podcasts, someone that they clearly fear enough to try to preemptively smear. They notice us. They fear us. I hope one day that they're one of us.

  • stuckinarut2

    Bravo DubStepped! Well said!

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