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  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    all that reminds me when singing the "kingdom songs" with a piano or other instrument was strictly forbidden !

  • stillin

    Clarinet! Spot on! The congregation I was associated with had an excellent piano player and the singing of the congregation was a joy. Harmonies, etc. then along came the CO and he announced that this was unacceptable behavior for Christians.(well, not in those words, but) and we would have to start using the formatted music put out by the society. Then the blahs moved in.

    Theocratic Order is a real buzz-killer.

  • dozy

    Same in my old Kingdom Hall. One of the JW sisters worked in a florists and often brought in bunches of flowers that were unsold but somebody with a ( real or self certified ) allergy complained to the elders so the sister was told not to bring any in any more. Other than a couple of fake plastic plants there isn't anything now.

  • joe134cd

    This was a case back in the 80’s when bloodless surgery was just developing. A brother in this country was trying to organise a medical professional in this field to give a lecture for the witnesses in this country. Looking back this would of been hugely beneficial and the guy was prepared to do it for next to no cost. Wt got wind of it and shut it down by sending a letter nation wide saying they didn’t approve of it. WANKERS!!!!!

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