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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I was talking to a friend who is an elder in a congregation near Belfast City over in Northern Ireland.

    He was telling me that several of the sisters wanted to put fresh flowers in the hall on a weekly basis just to pretty the place up. He said "sure, why not, it's a great idea, and the congregation will reimburse the costs as long as they aren't too expensive."

    But then there was (his words) "a bloody big row" because the coordinating elder said that the LDC (local design committee) members did not approve of flowers inside a Kingdom Hall. End of story!

    So apparently every congregation has to now obey the whim of each LDC if they want to stay approved. Personal choices are FORBIDDEN.

    He is PIMI but for the 1st time ever I heard him say "what the hell is this rubbish, it is becoming more like a dictatorial cult every flipping day! Over what, a couple of bunches of pretty flowers."

    I hope this crack might soon widen and he will begin to see the light. Please pray that he does.

  • Tameria2001

    When you were talking about that, it reminded me of a few years back of this talk that was given, and the brother was talking about those little springs you see, usually in ink pens. He was comparing that spring to when you squeeze it flat, and if you let go that spring would go flying out to who knows where. While he was talking about that spring I was thinking about the extreme control they over the organization. They can only hold it down for so long. I am so looking forward to the day when the rank and file does finally wake up.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Sometimes it's tiny cracks in the facade like this that lead people to begin wondering what else is wrong. One thing leads to another, and pretty soon another person is freed from slavery to the Watchtower. I certainly hope that happens in this case. Good luck!

  • carla

    It doesn't surprise me that a kh would not allow weekly flowers donated or otherwise in a kh. That is exactly how churches do things, can't be like the rest of Christendom.

  • tiki

    Pathetic that something as simple as beautiful natural flowers could be a catalst for such an uproar...

  • john.prestor

    They've always had flowers at the Memorials I've gone to... I guess those must have been approved by the LDC?

  • hoser

    One of our elders is a HVAC technician. The furnace in the Kingdom Hall quit on one of the coldest days of winter and he wasn’t allowed to fix the fucking furnace until the coordinator received direction from the LDC

  • pepperheart

    no no you cant have people spending money on flowers when they should be giving it to the GB they have a big food bill you know

  • zeb

    I know what is behind the evil decision.. Flowers are the SEX organs of plants.. yes its sex again..

  • steve2

    Perhaps the LDC is anxious about the pollen of doubt or the scent of dissent.

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