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    The Fall Guy

    Unshacklethechains - "appears to indicate that Christians will rule as kings and priest along with Christ ON the earth."

    The problem with the word 'kings' is that early translators have that particular option for the original Greek word. Subsequent translations - including RNWT - clung on to 'kings'. Other alternatives are, to reign as a governor, of the reign of Christians in the millennium, reign with authority.

    I say "problem" because Psalm 45:16 prophesies that 'princes' will be appointed on the earth - not kings. Princes are sons & brothers.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    why would an all-powerful Christ, whom the Bible describes as having been given "all authority", need 144,000 other king/priests as "helpers" to run his universal organization

    If you read all old testament prophecies about the coming Messiah; and then read all new testament prophecies about Messiahs (Christ -in Greek) 2nd coming, it makes perfect sense for Jesus to appoint rulers/governors over the earth - effectively his administration. How can you do this sitting on the clouds far away invisibly. Rev 5:10 is perfectly correct in saying the chosen ones will rule on or upon the earth.

    The whole idea about the 2 class system - ie small flock going up to heaven and a great Crowd staying here on earth has created so much confusion.

    That's why the number of memorial partakers is turning into a farce. All Christians were to partake in remembrance of Jesus sacrifice untill the end.

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