What Do You Think About New York City?

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  • mickbobcat

    101 Same here in my state. People from California and NY coming in , in droves. I just hope they don't vote the stupid way they did back in liberal land. Liberals are retarded idiots and they can not be fixed. Its a brain disease.

  • LV101

    mick - We're known as East Cali now. I think most conservatives aim for Arizona and TX but growth is wild here.

    I recall the crime in NY before Giuliani cleaned it up - had friend held up at gun point walking out of his hotel and robbed and another one had her wallet stolen right out of her tote bag.

  • nonjwspouse
    slimboyfat8 hours agoI’ve never been but I am fascinated by the place

    It's back to the dangerous city of the 70's or so, but I went three times between May 2001-2004 and it was fantastic. I got hotels through hotwire and in 2001 stayed at the Waldorf Astoria for 6 days, for $139 a night ( hard to believe but back then it was available for that on Hotwire) . It was a corner room in the older part of the hotel, absolutely stunning. My sister and law and I walked and walked, saw a Broadway show, ate at wonderful little restaurants. I hate the city has become so dangerous again.

  • LV101

    nonjw - there was no place quite like it. I even love the salad bars at the corner drug store. I always said if I could live anywhere it would be NYC until I fell in love with downtown Seattle (so beautiful, great food) and my friend's condo there. Covid doxxed condo idea there -- fogetboutit!! These magnificent cities cannot be replaced!

    Thanks for the memories, NY!

  • nonjwspouse

    LV I am the Same about Seattle, also traveled there in 2011 and now regularly fly in to SeaTac, but only to go to see my daughter in Tacoma. At one time it was such a great city to visit. I also stayed downtown at an air BNB for $40 a night in a old apartment building just across the street from the Monorail, and a few blocks away from Pikes.

    The homeless situation was already kinda bad then, but nothing like what is happening now. I don't go in to Seattle anymore.

  • LV101

    nonjws - I can't believe it - my friend here who has the beautiful Seattle condo hasn't been back since the COVID outbreak. She jumped a flight to return back here which is her main residence. So sad when it's so much cooler in Seattle and their children/grandies are in area. Have you been to Bainbridge Island? Oh my - I don't even mind waiting/riding the ferry across to it. So beautiful. If I lived there I'd eat the fish & chips every day at one of the famous restaurants at Pikes Market (forgot the name). I love the Aquarium down by the water front. I also love the art district down by the railroad tracks where all the metal art objects are along the landscape and all those cute, artsy, condos. I'd even take one of those (or would have) and walk back the blocks to the main city - seems like a lot of walking which is good!

    I didn't see any homeless when I was there but a lot has changed and I know the protestors were outside their high-rise but don't think any damage was done.

    I'm going to check out Tacoma - I had a great Aunt who lived there decades ago.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Sounds like NYC has returned to being a shithole. Other than the one-of-a-kind tourist attractions, I saw nothing
    "special" about the place. Sad that over 8 million people think that is what all of this country is like, or even worse, that NYC it is the "best" that American has to offer.

  • WokenfromJWcult

    When I went maybe 10 years ago, everywhere I went they were playing Frank Sinatra, "start spreading the news" So up on themselves like a boasting session called the service meeting. If I went to Galveston, I bet they don't play Glenn Campbell,s song all the time. Plus I got my car towed, broken back window and bed bugs in a cheesy hotel in New Jersey, never again.

  • minimus

    Nyc is so diverse. You can get the best of the best or not. It’s awful now and it saddens me

  • LV101

    Bed bugs, Woken?! A friend that works at high end dept. store won a big trip (lodging, dinners, etc.) to NYC and the rats were running across the hotel room floor. She and husband had to relocate to another hotel.

    I never experienced any negatives -- love the place but in no hurry to return now.

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