I feel like I'm losing my religion/faith

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  • christina1111

    I'm a baptized jw...been baptized for 8 years...and throughout the years I've been baptized I see "hypocrisy" so to speak in the religion...when you're new and NOT BAPTIZED that's when the jws want to invite you to every gathering they have, they want to APPEAR like they're your best friend...they want to help you out when needed and so forth...HOWEVER, ONCE you're baptized you go to the elders for help they don't help you....all they do is gather you around the office...have bibles in hand and so forth...they give you articles as well, instead of PHYSICALLY helping you out....but yet when you weren't baptized they would physically help you out and not throw scriptures and articles in your face. Also when you ask for help and so forth with the bros/sisters they want to throw the "each one must carry his/her own load" scripture at you.....but yet what happened to the scripture of taking care of widows and people who are orphans?

    It's not just ONE CONGREGATION...throughout the 8 years i've been baptized i've been through many kingdom halls...many towns...many states...when i was inactive for awhile I even pretended to not be baptized and just play dumb when the witnesses came to my door...they're much nicer to you when you're not baptized then when you are baptized...why is that?

    There are also some people who've seen my social media pages that i no longer had but didn't know the log in credentials to deactivate my account and they want to judge me for what username i used and what i've posted when i wasn't even baptized whether then judge me on the person i am now.

    Now I see why people say they don't want to be a part of an organized religion...that they used to be christians but they no longer believe in god and so forth.

    When I'm at conventions and assemblies and hear of the baptism talks as of late...and the person on the platform says there will be people in the org that will disappoint you....and i'm like thinking yep...you're already preparing them for this....but they have no ideal what they're getting into....and as i'm looking at the people that are about to be baptized....i'm looking at them as future inactives and disfellowshipped people once they go through trialsome times...such as death...your relatives get taken into foster care...and so forth....

    I would love to talk to the elders about it, but then they'd either mark me and judge me...and I'm "thinking" this is a safe place to go to without being judged and ridiculed and marked...

    I don't even feel like going out in the ministry....because why preach about something with a group of people that pretends to be your best friend when you're not a witness so you can join the group.. but yet when you become a witness they're no longer your best friend?

  • Xanthippe

    Welcome Christina. Google love bombing and you will see that this is what cults do. They are all over you to draw you in and then they leave you to it once you are committed to the religion.

    I'm afraid it's all about judging you now and deciding if you are fit to stay among them or if they should throw you out. Sorry this is a shock to you but we've all been through it here. Stick around and we'll try and help.

  • dbq407

    Jw's are conditioned to look down and judge everyone, even those in the religion. They will be your friend until you start missing a few meetings, stop going in service etc. And all the friends you thought you had will no even look at you or talk to you if you get disfellowshipped. Its a story thats been told thousands of times and will continue to be told as long as this religion is around.

  • Finkelstein

    A religion that was founded upon lies, corruption and pretentiousness in its inherent intent to proliferate literature, creates people who are in personality and character likewise.

  • Landy

    Can't believe I'm the first!


  • skin

    What you have just said is only one aspect of many issues that this religion contains. As JWs we are trained to not dwell on these issues, these issues are negative thinking, negative thinking leads to the possibility of waking up. And we all know how we will be treated, when we wake up....

  • Annon

    Christina I agree with you totally, have experienced the same thing. The "love" is like the thinnest veneer you can imagine, a little scrape an it's gone. A bit after Miss, Mr or Mrs Smith is baptized and becomes Sister/Bro Smith you can almost hear the big switch marked "Pretend to care" being clicked to the off position. Job done.

  • pale.emperor

    Welcome Christina. I was exactly where you are now, 9 months ago. You're smart, you're seeing the reality of this "religion". And i congratulate you on the fact that you're being honest to yourself and not keeping it in and for visiting this site.

    There are many on here that will support you as they have me. JW's are nice to non believers, they want to portray the religion as the best thing on the earth when in fact they're far from truly happy and at least half of my old congregation were on medication for depression and/or mental health issues. Take a look at this site that tells you how to spot a dangerous cult, it's not even directed at witnesses, but they tick every box.


  • never a jw
    never a jw


    What you say is very true of JW's, and other people too. I am however intrigued as to why you seem to go for physical help. Members of a group may be leery of newly interested people when they take for granted the expectation of physical help from the group.

    JW's my not want to do much for you, but why would you expect others to do something for you? You may have very real needs, but understand that people grow wary if the expectation of help is taken for granted. I would.

    JW's are quite similar to other groups. Some are naturally generous and compassionate, but others are selfish and unwilling to help. You may be calling the wrong people.

  • Finkelstein

    All religions have been built upon an agreement to lies, misinformation and ignorance so leaving an religion you aren't really losing much. ......unless your into that sort of stuff

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