My Dad just did the sweetest thing

by Mulan 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mulan
    Mulan I hope Dave doesn't use that as an excuse

    Dave bought me a huge fuchsia basket. The kids are all coming later, for Mother's Day, and two birthdays. Both Steves have birthdays this week so we are doing a combined fun day and BBQ................our son is 37 today, and our son in law is 43 I think. (we call them "our son Steve and our other son, Steve")

  • Princess

    I'm glad I chose a different gift! I usually do the big hanging flower basket for Mulan. Last year I had a bracelet made for her with Swarovski crystals in all our birthstones. Should have done the grandchildren's birthstones instead of her kids. Seems she likes the grandkids more than us. Someday I will fix that and she'll have two bracelets.

    This year I thought something a bit different was in order. She is the best grandma and has spent so much time with my kids (translate: babysits) and is always doing stuff for us/them.

    Steve is 43. I can't believe my brother is 37, he still acts like he is 12. I'll tell him that later.


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