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    They didn`t stop knocking on peoples doors because of love for neighbour ,it was because it became illegal to do so ,by possibly spreading Covid -19 or contracting it themselves and spreading it to other people.

    And facing a hefty fine if they disobeyed the direction of the authorities.

    He mentions about baptising in the name of the Father ,Son and the Holy Spirit ? Jehovah`s witnesses do not do this .

    He speaks about the unity of Jehovah`s witnesses ,what he doesn`t say is that if you disagree with the teachings of the WT/GB/JW and their current teachings you will be Disfellowshipped and shunned by everyone in the religion including your own believing members of your family.

    It is interesting to note that the Teachings of JW`s have changed so many times over the years that you may have been right in disagreeing with something taught some years ago and been DF for ,that is now accepted as the "truth" now but you wont be given an apology or your DF being annulled .

    He also mentions about the sanctity of human life .? Many Jehovah`s Witnesses ,man woman and child have died as a result of the No Blood ban enforced on their members or otherwise be disfellowshipped and shunned by everyone in the congregation and family members who are Jehovah`s Witnesses.


    The sanctity of human life... Like all the gay people (destined to be destroyed) who are gay because God allowed the Devil to exist, even after God instantly examined “Satan’s” heart the very moment he turned evil ( just like he will do after the “Thousand Year Reign” when he instantly destroys any “perfect” humans who “sin” ) so he could have been justified in destroying him, ( especially since he’s all knowing and could foresee what allowing Satan to live would do ) yet allowed him to cause the fall of man which in turn gave rise to the circumstances ( genetic imperfection ) that allowed people to be born gay, thereby earning God’s wrath??

    That sanctity of life???


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