2016 Revised bethel visitors 'dress code' pamphlet?

by neat blue dog 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • freddo

    Visited a nearby hall this week and one was pinned to the noticeboard. I noticed the poor little kid in the suit. Crazy stuff.

  • FedUpJW

    So sisters, if you have a nice fitting woman's suit and the skirt is at the top of your knee cap that is TOO DAMNED SHORT! You must have it no higher than the middle of your calf. Brothers, if your suit is tailored and not hanging on you like a garbage bag you are catering to the "homosexuals"(said in the best Stewie Griffin voice).

    And what the hell is up with trying to dick tate how people can dress when they are merely in the neighborhood?

  • stillin

    No blue jeans at the Farm? Weird

  • raven

    The tight suit one LOL! I have seen so many brothers with tight suits though, its the style of course, oh and can't forget those colorful socks brothers!

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