Man I hate this F'ing cult!

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  • oppostate

    The nicest and kindest JW's seem to be the ones who are the least connected and active in the congregation.

    I've been trying to fade and been missing quite a few meetings.

    Of course my wife's still loyal as ever if not more so since I've awoken to TTATT.

    Every mid-week and Sunday meeting that I miss she gives me the a bit of a silent treatment for.

    She's become more and more friendly with a regular pioneer, younger than she is and wife of an elder, this to the letting go of regular contact with former best friends in the 0rganization, whom she was closest to but were and aren't as active and regular at meetings and field service.

    It's a crying shame, I'm closer and kinder to her old friends, keeping in touch through facebook posts now and then, encouraging them through the hardships, rejoicing with them during happy moments, graduations, welcoming a new child to the world, marriages, new jobs and what-not.

    She has become a serious shunner, staying away from a lot of folks we were close to because they're not good association.

    She's drunk the whole cup of kool-aid and anything I say that's remotely negative towards the 0rganization is met with stern retorts and accusations I'm apostate sounding.

    And yet, she's still the kind hearted, loving person she used to be. It's like she has a WT hat she dons and it changes her mind, her outlook, her behavior. When dealing with neighbors, with people outside the KH, she's as nice as could be and I know this kind-heartedness is genuine--But it's been hi-jacked by this F'ing cult.

    They're controlling her nice qualities and using them as a tool to attract those outside and to castigate those not towing the line inside the cult by having her hold back her natural love and kindness from the less active ones.

    But these not so active, not so indoctrinated folks are the ones who are the most human and real. These are the ones who aren't good enough for the 0rganization! What a perversion of a religion!

    Man I hate this F'ing cult!

  • sir82

    Yep, I feel for ya.

    I have often commented that the most "spiritual" persons in the organization (i.e., the most Christian personality) virtually never have any "special privileges" (and most are quite happy about it).

    In contrast, the bitchiest, whiniest, gossipiest, meanest, most bullying, bigoted, and obnoxious ones are the elders and pioneers

  • OneEyedJoe
    Every mid-week and Sunday meeting I miss she gives me the silent treatment.

    Been there. As well as the bit about getting griped at for anything remotely critical of the org. My wife would even through a fit if I was watching one of my science shows and they said something about the age of the universe or something, even though the cult has backed away from the 49000 year timeline for creation.

    I know how it feels. I'm sorry you're having to deal with it one deserves to have to live like that. I hope it goes better for you than it did me. Wishing you the best of luck.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It's like she has a WT hat she dons and it changes her mind, her outlook, her behavior. When dealing with neighbors, with people outside the KH, she's as nice as could be and I know this kind-heartedness is genuine--But it's been hi-jacked by this F'ing cult.

    Steven Hassan defines this as the "real personality" and the "cult personality".

    If you haven't already read it, do so: "Combating Cult Mind Control"


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Same story here.

    And yes, I hate this fricckin cult as well. Problem is that a year worth of being able to see just how bad it is converts in a rage that will scare the still-ins as if we're possessed....sigh.

  • bohm

    Yah, she sounds like she is in good contact with her Cult personality. Try to think about situations where she is not in Cult mode and remind her or get her into those situations. Like, can you ask neighbours over?

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    I have noticed many true WT believers have gone "full retard" lately. Gone are the days of sliding by as a nominal irregular or low hour JW. It's starting to get a dicey for sure for any faders. 😁

  • Crazyguy

    Oh man can I relate my wife did pretty much the same thing got all chummy with the pioneers and elders while I was leaving. They really do mine screw people

  • Diogenesister

    Hi, have you read Steve Hassans book yet? Combatting cult mind control? If not do so....I reckon its time to get serious. Let's kick this cult to the curb. Is there any way you could contact Steve's organization for some help in dealing with this? Some expert help to guide you through the process of extracting your loved one from this cult. Slowly slowly catchey monkey. Get her out enjoying life, remind her why she fell in love with you....then using the Socratic method, and help from an expert on the end of a phone...or a therapist pre- briefed about her cult issues ( say u need her help in couples therapy cos your depression is hurting your marriage).....POW!!! HIT THOSE CULT CLAWS AROUND HER WITH EVERYTHING YOUVE GOT.

    Don't give up..".Ill send out an SOS to the world!"🎵🎶 SOS = Save our Sister!!!!

  • KateWild

    Sorry to hear this. It's really frustrating when we wake up if our loved ones get more attached to the cult.

    They are constantly being bombarded with information about weak ones and having doubts.

    The good news is that many genuinely good hearted JWs that have become more serious about WT tend to read all the literature and then develop doubts. They study and research more and more until boom the penny drops and the realise it's all a lie.

    Keep being loving and spend lots of spare time doing fun stuff.

    Kate xx

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